The 10 O’Clocker : Diego Milito In & A Pop At An Idiot

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Guten Abend.

What can I tell you? Well that Pienaar business as per HERE is gathering some pace and Roger Morgan says a likely destination could be Citeh slaying… Sunderland.

My disbelief that anyone other than Everton  even entertain fielding bids on this guy is dispelled by the thought that someone like Martin O’Neil almost certainly believes in his heart that he can do a job for him. Surely £4M is an awful lot of money to get some shelves put up in a back bedroom.

Rog goes on to say that Klasnic of Bolton is a genuine target. Please. All contributions to the ITK mixer are welcome but I think Mr Morgan’s links to ‘Fleet Street’ are allowing him to pass on agent chatter.

Bolton are [think the movie Alien] doomed man! Are we being told that Arry is pitching to Levy & Co that Klasnic is a secret weapon on a sinking ship, just like Pathe News Boy was? Damn. I called that wrong too. Where can I buy a shirt with Klasnic on the back on New Year’s Day? I want to be in on the love early this time.

But tonight’s pick of the pops makes that all appear quite sane. It’ssssss……. none other than Diego Milito. 

Wha? Oh yes. This is comes from a source that swears blind he hasn’t been on the sauce. Milito is of course that 132 year old Internazionale striker. 

Any indication from the boy himself? Nothing really. His agent  Fernando said this to Corriere dello Sport about 3 weeks ago:

“I can assure that Diego doesn’t take into account the possibility of leaving Inter in January, he wants to return to the levels of two years ago with the Inter shirt. 

If things don’t go well, in June he may consider other solutions. Soon I will be in Europe, but I will not speak of Milito. About him there is nothing to say. “

Maybe 3 weeks is a long time in the rat infested labyrinth of football. Who knows? 

Elsewhere, FartTomb Of The Lane nipped in a day or two after lots of other people on Leeds forums had called the Townsend loan. But brilliantly and I mean brilliantly he decided to make Lazarus look like a rank amateur. This is inspired. I mean genius.

The FartTomb sprinkled record breaking amounts of attention seekingness in the summer window with his ‘Blue & Yellow’ malarkey. Which panned out to be nothing. I think no reasonable, no half intelligent folk can but refuse to cope with, ‘We’re signing X’ and it not happening. 

Football transfers are after all an extremely complex business these days. Things which were ‘on’ can suddenly and quite acceptably become  ‘off.’  But the same reasonable & half intelligent folk get cheesed off – when fed riddles that are NEVER explained.

In response to the Samba de Janeiro garbage from Ackie, the Windmeister General now gives us evidence that’s better than an X ray to prove he’s in possession of sphericals that would shame King Kong.

look at the stars, look how they shine for you

See what he did there? Jesus wept. 

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