The 10 O’Clocker: Enquiries Made For Jack Rodwell Arry In Scouselandia Tonight

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Hello ladies.

The sheer delight of sitting third in the table and watching the Bar Codes doing such good things against Manchester United (on a school night) really is something to savor. Triific, even.

So Archibald believes that Rodwell’s well and truly on the radar. Enquiries made. A buy with a view to a loan deal. Arry’s up there of course. His relationship with Moyes is a decent one from what one can gather. I was at Bolton vs Manchester City earlier in the season and the Toffees supremo was sat close to Arry and Joe.

Has this one got legs? Eeesch. I’m unconvinced by Rodwell. Nothing personal to the chap but while people are hurling about Lollypop Land figures like £20M about then I need someone to show me where the value is.

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  • jerkinmahjurgen says:

    Hmmm. Rodwell or Kaka…? Can’t decide.

  • seattlespursguy says:

    If the result holds, Newcastle would be 4 back of a CL spot.

    Lads and ladies: what would give for a season’s end Top Four comprised of Spurs, City, ManU and the Toon? Scums both red and blue missing out?

    That is a pearl beyond price.

  • Rlloyd says:

    Don’t be blinded by the Rodwell lovin’, it’s Cahill Harry was watching and is contemplating a cheeky bid for.

  • seattlespursguy says:

    So the mythical game in hand next with just the chance to go level with MU riding on it.

    No pressure then.

  • Blanchflower says:

    Everyone at the top is doing a Tottenham of old, and we’re doing a fine impersonation of a reliable Man Utd of old. And we’ve got to be one of the few clubs in the league (other than the barcodes) whose outgoings on transfers in is far smaller than our income from transfers out over the last 5 years. COYS!

    • BRISBANE SPUR says:

      Would be interesting to know the +/-$’s… You gotta love Daniel Levy!!

      • Dave says:

        Hey Brisbane Spur have you noticed you can’t get Spurs shirts at places like Rebel Sports! Manu Chelski Arse Pool Even Celtic City and Villa but never Spurs. All the shirts I see must come direct from the UK. Where I got mine from.
        Fellow Brisbane Spur

        • Aussie Ardilles says:

          I have bought a couple from Rebel actually, but they are as rare as hen’s teeth there!

        • Simonpwise says:

          I could never find any either. There’s a latent support for those teams built up over years but plenty of yids wearing them with pride. It was always fun with my young son to convince him that I new all the Spurs supporters at a distance and they would turn round when i called their name …… “Yidoooo”.

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