The 10 O’Clocker: Tompkins & Carroll & Samba

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Good evening.

Tom Collomosse at the Evening Standard says we’re knee deep in negotiations for the Blackburn pairing of Samba and Hoilett. 

Samba strikes me as worth a punt. If only on the basis that I like so many were so woefully wide of the mark on Pathe News Boy it might just as we sit nose-bleeding in the Barclays Premier League to give Arry the benefit of the doubt.

Samba is apparently a neat fit money wise my boy. It’s guessed he’s currently on about £55K pwk. Which immediately has me asking what in the name of Colonel Sanders are those clowns playing at up there? But that’s another blog for another blogger.

Hoilett is also named. But there have been ten articles a day for the last month saying that he’s going to be the subject of an imminent mega-bid for the last two months, maybe more.

His he yet another of these yoofstar players who half demonstrate that they can half kick a ball and are quite suddenly supposedly worth twice a king’s ransom?  If we took this kid in I would expect the figure for him to reflect his worth now and not some La La Land vision of a future figure. 

Elsewhere Alex McLeish has emphatically declared that Baron Dent is not for sale. Mind you he also referred to him as a ‘prolific marksman’. The tale has gathered momentum as the buck toothed negrito lover is on his ban and Andy Carroll is suffering from bad case of Cow’s Anus And Banjo Syndrome.

Here’s a suggestion. I predict that Arry is quoted saying he’s a top, top player within the next fortnight and we are linked with the donkey.

Tompkins is another name is being mumbled. I’m told that the player has the same agent as Fat Sam and this is the source for the rumour that a transfer request has been handed in.  

David Gold of course has stepped in and started talking up the price with a load of twaddle about Tompkins being the son of Christ returned, a valued product of their acadamy system, that sort of thing. A bid of £2.5M from the Bar Codes was allegedly declined. 

Oh and this is worth a listen HERE

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