Date: 8th January 2012 at 9:32pm
Written by:

Guten Ahbend.

Where to start? Ooh …wpd659 says that there is a £7M bid in for Pav. Mmmn. Without being tetchy, this news is undermined by that fact that it might pass muster for news at least two seasons old. hatred is bubbling gently. I’ll give you that, but this is one occasion where Levy & Co’s hesitancy in the transfer market – so I believe, anyways – may genuinely benefit us. 

Sure Roman’s goal against Cheltenham was what it was, but I can point you to plenty of examples of why he’s a class act …but I don’t do preaching, let lone to the unconvertible.

The whole Samba Hoilett scenario has sparked a number of ‘bids in!’ merchants. Even Ray Houghton was mumbling about this on talkSport such is its complete and utter staleness. I suspect that an enquiry was made about Samba but the about Hoilett is made up cobblers.

Elsewhere assorted chancers believe the fact that Demba Ba is on a run of form gives them license to invent rumours that he is in some way, a ‘Tottenham target’. Why would sell their one man rejuvenation to anyone? The simple sarky reply is of course, ‘Well they bleedin’ well did with Carroll’.

But that is undoubtedly the short sighted answer of the season. Carroll had a buyer for £35M in cold hard cash lined up. Ba’s buyout clause is rumoured to be as low as £10m. So yes, would sell his grandmother. But not cheap. Not cheap he wouldn’t.

Charlie? Word is he’s given up. ‘Still running about a bit’, but his head is not just turned, it’s gone. This isn’t front page news of course because a) he was never that brilliant anyway and b) his profile is significantly lower than say your average or Modric. He has plans to play for Croatia and that’s a cause not aided by failing to even land so much as a perch on our bench.