You Couldn’t Make It Up!

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Good morning and eyes down for a full house.

I quite like the phrase, you couldn’t make it up. But this morning’s Sunday Mirror headline is more proof were it ever needed that in actual fact, you can. According to the Mirror’s Paul Smith discreet enquiries made by the Etihad mob about the boy Bale were greeted with a blunt price tag of £150M.

Let me just say, even running this two bob operation I get people telling me ‘stuff’ on a regular basis. Sometimes it pans out, sometimes it does not. That’s show business. But I do try and at least give each piece of information some degree of analysis. £150m? The Mirror need to make it a sackable offence in 2012 to upload articles from public houses.

Today is incredibly exciting. Of course we play every cad at least twice a season, but never before in living memory has the outcome stood to influence our fight for the title. There, I said it. 

What will we get this afternoon? Invisible cards in hues of red and yellow from Bobby Manc? If he pulls this stunt today I sincerely hope he’s told to naff off to the stands for his trouble. It’s not jealously, Bob, you’re just behaving like a tart.

Our lot know what’s required. Or at least I hope to God they do. A terrifying article in the Telegraph where the Welsh wizard reiterates his cunning plan to not play on the wing more and more. 

Oh yes. And if TK Maxx sold people, they’d sell Shaun Custis. 


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  • SpurredoninDublin says:

    £150 mill seems about right to me.

    That is probably what it would cost to finance his replacement.

  • jim says:

    i don’t worry about bale going this summer so long we get into champs league. he’s happy, he’s down-to-earth and he won’t agitate to leave. sometime he’ll leave i presume but not this summer.

    i’m more worried about modric and sandro who will try to leave regardless of where we finish.

  • Sid Trotter says:

    £150m is a third of a stadium.

    More importantly, £150m is a lot of Shiraz and sausage rolls. Its a difficult decision … but we all need sustenance

    If Bale scores today he will have one more than before the game started. That my friend, is why we need the Shiraz and sausage rolls.

    I once met a horse called Brian the Bolt. It was the most one-sided conversation I have ever been in. Bloody rude. Just stood and stared at me. Probably dog food by now.

  • Sid Trotter says:

    “Tried to log in to the ipad when drunk. Failed miserably. It was an etch-a-sketch”

  • kojac says:

    £150m,they can have him for that,levy could start building a big new stand to take us up to 55,000

    off to a lunch soon, so come on the lads,make it a happy home returning where i can watch a repeat knowing we have some points in the bag

    nice one norwich and bolton too,i don’t really care about the score in the red scummers game but i still think arsenal should be kept as low as possible,but if we beat city then a gypo win will be just the ticket

    COYS..come on the little swordsman,make them eat their words

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