Arry, Pleat, Fabio, Levy & Co.

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Good morning,

The Internet is clucking like one great big wet cyber hen. Arry gets a not guilty and withing hours, Fabio get’s a not on your nelly. The bookies have shrunk the price on Arry being the new England manager and Mr Capello is looking for Italian speaking staff to help him count his money.

The FA needs an Englishman to step up to the plate. And frankly the names on the list beyond Norman Stanley Redschnapp’s don’t really stand up. The full SPs are here. Stuart Pearce has said on numerous occasions he doesn’t think it’s his time yet.

If he stays true to this, it’ll be a thoughtful decision which would tee him up very nicely for the England era to follow this cut & shunt period where everyone’s waiting for Frank Lampard to retire and John Terry to officially join the English Defence League.

The solution is staring us all in the face.

Levy & Co. have Arry under a legally binding contract. So THFC call up the FA and offer David Pleat as caretaker England manager until the end of the season. That gives THFC breathing space to negotiate a replacement and Arry gets the job that he feels he was born to do.

The sad thing for Arry is the England job is virtually unrecognisable from the one he grew up respecting and coveting. But we’re all guilty of not realising things we once loved have changed for the worse.

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    1st among tax payers

    David Pleat is a good choice as Wembley has a huge car park

    Can’t see Harry taking it – and he will – before the end of the season as he has a job to do and it would be highest position a team of his has ever secured.

    Would prefer Wenger to be offered the Engalnd job – as he has a good history of winning feck all

    Tangerines would not be a good choice, would get squashed senseless in any stampede

    • elfranklins says:

      It’s a sad fact but I think he’ll take it for sure. The worrying question now of course is who do we get to replace Arry next season?

      I can’t see any one suitably competent to replace Harry and what we will propably see is some unknown south American genius who’s silverware tally all though impressive, leads to absolultley no knowledge of how to master the Premier league and/or the champions league senior!

      Oh well, it was good while it lasted, but I think its a foregone conclusion so lets enjoy the rest of the season. Who knows Harry may still leave us a silver going away pressie!

      • Jimmy Ringo says:

        I’ll be glad to see the back of HR, hopefully he will take the England job.
        I think David Moyes of Everton could really take us forward. Arry’s too much of a chancer, Moyes is a fantastic tactician unlike HR. Look at the City win they had. Moyes for WHL.

        • Essexian76 says:

          Based on what exactly?

        • Phil McAvity says:

          Moyes?? Nae thankyou.

        • CptCaveman says:

          Lol @ glad to see the back of HR.Yeah…hes a chancer alright….problem is he’s chanced his way to the Champions League and 3rd in the Premiership…best thing thats happened to the club in a long time and your be glad to see the back of him…people like you make me.laugh.

        • Jimmy Ringo says:

          I think he’s got where he is by spending cash and having strength in depth, the guys an idiot, he is hopeless when he’s got no cash. Moyes beats us all the time and with no cash. Moyes is the man for a new solid spurs with a good defence.

  • PeterTheStoreyTeller says:

    Harry the next TURNIP HEAD

  • Sid Trotter says:

    Or Martin O’Neill – purely for the fact that he has funny hair

  • Sid Trotter says:

    If Harry was a painter, I wonder what he would look like

  • PeterTheStoreyTeller says:

    Build me up to kick my ass media gutter press is avving a field day with Arry.

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