Date: 22nd February 2012 at 9:42pm
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Good evening. 

And welcome to Part Two of Arsenal’s numero uno blogger and er…me.

 Thus far this has been Spurs best season since since cro-magnon times. Are you surprised at how well it’s gone or did you always think there was the potential to finish in the top four?

We’ve always lacked consistency. Great game against so and so a top side one week, then drop our pants against some mob like Wolves the next. Easy to say there was potential of course. But what we appear to have done is unlock it because we’re playing the ‘Spurs’ way. At last. clicky 

 You put your foot down this summer with Modric despite his obvious desire to leave. Has that affected him or his performances?

It’s affected the way fans feel about him. He went from a cute little Croatian to rat faced Chicken Badge allergy bloke in the space of one interview. He’s playing well, but it all hinges upon how he now perceives Chelsea and how he now perceives us.  clicky

 You took Adebayor on loan, a player who shares the record of most goals ever scored by an Arsenal player against Spurs in the league. Have you now come to accept his father’s terrible job? And what are your thoughts on any club being able to take a £200,000 a week player on loan and pay a relatively small percentage of their wages?

I think that those who had an issue with the suggested career path of his father in our ranks have been suitably silenced by his performances.

I can sense some Arsene seeping out of you (possibly not for the first time) in the concern about high end loans. I agree that they are anti football. I agree that they are poison. Unless we’re benefiting. In which case I’d vote for more. clicky

 Gareth Bale – the next Messi or a decent player who is overly w@nked over by the British media? Doesn’t seem long ago there was that crazy stat where he’d never been in a winning team or something.

Remind me not to buy Arseblogger’s Big Boys Book Of Stats. He was also at one stage 8lbs 4ozs too.

He is a monster talent and if he can focus on playing to his strengths on the wing he may in time find a cure for … er… hiccups and stuff. clicky

 Financially speaking – at least in terms of wages – you seem to be punching above your weight. How much of that is down to the team that Harry has built and how much to the struggles at Arsenal and Chelsea?

Arsenal and Chelsea have made hard work of it this season, but it’s difficult to not to believe that the stock of most of our players has risen. We earned our points this season. You don’t gain points when other sides drop them. It doesn’twork like that. clicky

 Does Younes remind you of Hellboy or is that just me? Did van der Vaart buy his hamstrings from the same shop as Fabregas?

Younes was actually part of a now discontinued genetic experiment carried out in the suburbs of er… Paris. Which is in France. Mr de Vaart’s legs are actually manufactured by Airfix so you’re way off beam with that one. I mean, really. clicky 

  So, Harry. Now that we know his tax affairs are in order it seems the job is likely to be his. Any fears he might take his eye off the ball ahead of the Euros? And what’s the general feeling about leaving? For me there cannot be a worse job in football than England manager, it never, ever, ever ends well. Do people understand why he’d leave something he’s built well at Spurs to take the England job?

The problem with Arry and the job is essentially down to the problem that he still sees it as being a position as prestigious as it was when he was a nipper. The reality is he’ll be flayed alive on the back pages the moment he screws up, but he either simply cannot see/refuses to see it. clicky

 David Bentley, the ultimate example of how in football one day you can be cock of the walk, the next just a cock?

Lost cause that boy. Maybe he could start up a jazz trio with Bendtner and Chamakh. They could call themselves the ‘Backwards Bum Beads’. clicky

 You lot are in good form *cough* Stevenage *cough* and you’re facing an Arsenal team flying after two glorious away trips, what do you reckon for Sunday?

1-3 clicky 

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