Date: 26th February 2012 at 4:30pm
Written by:

Bon soir.

Except it isn’t ‘bon’ is it? Fakinel.

And we genuinely ought to look at why we find ourselves having been thumped by them. Because thumped we were. We were winning 2-0. We looked like a home side that was assured about it’s business. ¬†Then we collapsed.

The half time whistle was an opportunity for us to regroup, rethink and restore. What we got in reality was a half cocked exercise in damage limitation and a fundamental lack of scope and imagination.

Elsewhere…the days of listening to his naffin’ agent and thinking he’s Wales’ valley’s answer to Ronaldo are over. It’s a mess. It doesn’t work. It needs to be stopped. Today we lacked width and it really cost us. Really hurt us. The reality is his behaviour cost us. That son of a bitch needs to be tamed/managed for once and for all.

And Lennon. If Azza was on the bench …er, then why?

Elsewhere another lesson was learnt. Ledley King is done. To presume we can mount a challenge in the Barclays without a full on back four is surreal. I respect Ledley immensely but nect term we need to shop for a ‘another’ replacement.

I’m depressed by today because of all my words prior to the match the most chilling now are that it was ours to throw away. The come back by up until half time was down to spirit and courage. Our collapse in the second half was down to Redschnapps.

Where was the width (that’s what she said). ¬†Where was the wit and imagination? I have been blasted for having a pop at in this incredibly successful season, but can any of you tell me he genuinely got today right?

has indeed worked his magic at and I’m hugely appreciative. But I don’t have any sacred cows. Today was a monumental clusterfeck tactically and whilst I could put conceding 2 in the first half down to their ‘enthusiasm’, conceding another 3 in the second half points towards incompetence.

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