Farewell Old Girl

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Guten Abend.

So it’s goodbye from Super Roman Crazypavin’. In the final analysis it was a less than super stay at The Lane. But there some moments of superness.

He was branded a turkey by some, so let’s talk turkey.  In the 09/10 season he had a better goals per minute ratio than all of his fellow strike partners in Midget Gem, 3MP and PSB.

In the 2010/11 season when by March Romanus had  ratio of 151 compared to competitors Midget Gem who had 208, 3MP had 243 and Rafael van der Vaart had 161.[

By December of the 11/12 season, he’d been been rationed to just 18 minutes of Barclays Premier League football.  Then he came one vs Sunderland and scored the only goal of the game.

So this is a small plea from me for the hate fest gang to move on to the next poor barsteward they plan on bullying.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – don’t think Arry communicates effectively with those who don’t speak the Queen’s. The guys from foreign climes that excel in his charge ie Modric are the type able to play anywhere under anyone. So if Pav was guilty of needing an arm around the shoulder it is ironic he was isolated under Arry.

He wasn’t discovered nicking stuff out of other player’s lockers; he hasn’t left under a cloud, but to read some of the mean spirited garbage on Twitter and a all the forums last night you’d have thought he did. 

I wish you well.

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  • AFelching says:

    What might have been, a top notch striker we were robbed of seeing the best of. Good luck Super Pav :daumen:

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Ratings & transfer ‘analysis’ to follow.

    Apologies for the collapse last night. This was I am told due to a power failure. Not the server.

    ‘Who cares?’ seems an apt response to that gripping information.

  • Northern Spur says:

    Much as I liked him, I think we have to see it as a necessary departure for both parties. I think Saha can be good temporary replacement for us if he stays fit.

    • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

      Based on his track record that is a helluva big if.

      Two crocks with a combined age of 67 was a pretty dismal window really. Levy must be saving his money for the post Redknapp era.

      • TonyRich says:

        “Dismal window”? Our first team has got us to 5 points from top with 15 matches to go. It needs nothing done to it. The supporting cast needed bolstering, and we have done that. These 2 acquisitions should help us to the finish line in at least 3rd place.

  • I really liked Pav, his willingness to shoot from everywhere and his carefree attitude. I wish him well. An excellent finisher who didnt fit into our team due to his weaknesses. His strengths are what I will remember though. He will score goals and at a successful rate wherever he plays for the remainder of his career. good luck to him

  • Nick says:

    Well said Harry……….I always felt he was never Redshnapps type he spoke foreign. In all honesty good luck Roman, u weren’t half bad.

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