Hazard To Sign For Spurs. Or Barca. Or Real Madrid. Or Someone. Probably.

Image for Hazard To Sign For Spurs. Or Barca. Or Real Madrid. Or Someone. Probably.

I don’t know what you’d call this …an exercise in gun jumping or simply endemic of a football transfer rumour market that flat-lined a fortnight ago… but the call I suggest you resist making is to your lover asking for a Tottenham shirt with Hazard on the back for a Valentine’s gift.

Look, the good news is he was asked about us and he didn’t have to suppress giggles. My French is on a par with my English, but even I got that he was flattering about us. Acknowledged we had a great win on Saturday before an enthusiastic crowd, we’ve a decent squad that sort of thing…we’re on the up and up .

“Maybe it will be Tottenham. This is a big English club. I said I will go to England and there are very good players.

I have not signed anything yet. It will happen soon…

Spain is perhaps more my style of play but it must be either Barcelona or Real Madrid. It is therefore limited.”

There is a gulf here between this faint praise and him replying, ‘naturalmente’ when the Burger Man in Paxton Road yells at him, ‘You want onions, Colonel?’ 

The other issue is of course is that the boy ain’t going nowhere for free. Arsenal were linked with him on an almost weekly basis for the whole of last summer and as you can imagine, the rumoured buy out clause of €30m did nothing to speed up that deal. 

My suspicion is that he’s simply engineering a move after neither Cheatski or the lot from Woolwich anything much more than make equiries..

He’s undoubtedly perceived at least as a top, top player™.  So whilst it’s not a deal anywhere near as is being suggested/hinted at by some, it does rather reflect we’re almost a big deal these days.

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  • Sid Trotter says:

    Hmmm – is this Mickey’s little brother? I too have a little brother – he’s yours for £30.

    I do like Hazard but think that warning triangles are so much clearer, and obviously a lot cheaper.

    Sort of like fish bubbles on the Algarve. Sort of blue, with a bit of jelly running through it. Like that undercooked fried egg the missus serves up.

    If he is only £30m, can’t we get two.

  • james says:

    Isn’t there a lot coming out of france saying he has signed a pre-season contract??

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      If you can find quotes mate, I’ll run ’em. It’s a come and buy me plea so far from a guy that Arsenal and Chelsea didn’t sign…

    • jim says:

      I heard that. We’ll see!
      I suspect the man with the server that doesn’t serve is correct. Can’t see Spurs paying the asking price on the eve of a new stadium. But then I couldn’t see Rangers in the same league a P. Thistle! :lol:

  • MitchellThomas says:

    Zut alors.

  • Pete-o says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice… Great player, although I would be hoping we spent this touted amount of money on a bad-ass striker. Part of me wants it, part of me doesn’t think we need it, part of me just wants to have another one over the less-noisy neighbours

  • I think spure are very good chance to renew her wing to extra power they purchase him nazard to attak bale and hazard combination and half time goes lennon and kransic or kranjar and defender vertoghen and rossi or remy or zarate spures are make powerful defence attak and they are sell modric keep new playmaker hamsik,ganso or kaka or and hazard are to optiom play 1wing or to playmaker

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