The Arsenal Delusion

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Difficult to know if this guy is speaking as a fully indoctrinated member of some religious cult or just an idiot with extremely small eyes. I’m sure I have pores bigger than his eyes.

Carl Jenkinson plays for Arsenal. No really he does. He’s a 20 year old in their reserves. He told…

“They have a lot of good players – they’re obviously a good side and they have come together really well this year. There’s no hiding the fact they have done well, but we have got a stronger squad in my opinion and we have got to show that on Sunday. We have to beat them.”

Look I know he’s only twenty and a good advert for not letting the council cut your hair, but how is it there are still clowns like this, of voting age, wandering about in society?

There was a time when we played Arsenal and the best we could hope for was a  moment of individual brilliance. Or an act of God. But those days are gone. And I believe we won’t see them again for a generation.

The reality is that Arsenal’s squad isn’t stronger than any side above them  or many below. Nor I might add do they sit where they sit because of tactical brilliance. Arsenal have always striven to recruit technically adept players which is precisely why they have been surviving at the top level and not excelling for years now.

Arsenal’s strength? Think  Samson’s hair on Delilah’s barbershop floor. With strength comes aspiration and who actually aspires to play for Arsenal these days? Cesc Fabregas doesn’t. Samir Nasri doesn’t. And the epicentre of this malaise is Aunty Wenger herself.

The Professor a busted flush. The youth + tippy tappy thing simply doesn’t work and even the most dyed in the wool gooners are realising that love’s young dream is pretty much over. The endlessly recycled post match interview lines are now sticking in the gullet.

‘It was a game of great intensity, our players showed determination and application, this was a difficult surface for us…’

I don’t agree with managers getting the chop by impatient Directors, managers need time. But seven years of bouncing a clubs head off of the same ceiling, season after season? The distractions have been pleasing enough (lots of Champions League footy, a swanky new stadium) but what have they done with these extraordinarily enhanced revenue streams, what have they actually achieved? 

Wenger’s buying strategy is cocked. He went to Lille and came back with not Hazard but Gervinho. Instead of buying one of Europe’s hottest footballing properties he took up the option on a man who’s entire head of hair is composed from the ingeniously woven shoots from a particularly hairy wart on the nape of his neck.

The signs of decay are hugely visible on the terraces. A flood of young supporters hoping for the current squad to revisit the dynasty of winning stuff have been left sat about looking dejected. And silent clutching complimentary scarves.  Either not expecting mediocrity or unused to it; the atmosphere at The Emptycrates has failed to improve despite the club’s bizarre/desperate strategy of ‘Arsenaliztion’.

What does the future hold? Only 25% of Arsenal fans take up the option of a new season ticket when offered. And withing two years the Queensland Property cash cow’s udders will be barren. link

The case continues…

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  • Kees says:

    I feel for young Jenkinson, he’s a very optimistic and deluded Arsenal player.

    In all honesty, the only Arsenal players I’d take in our squad would be RVP, Wilshire (as much as he’s a cad) and Vermaelen, and only RVP would be a first choice starter.

    I think RVP’s form has glossed over Arsenal’s issues as without him, they would be mid-table at best.


  • LUKE says:

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    The only Tottenham Hotspur fansite that places emphasis on video content as opposed to lines and lines of writing.

    If you have a YouTube Account and I mean anyone including yourself Harry, I would love for you guys to post video commentary on the site, i.e. pre and after match analysis of players and results.

    Juicy transfer and ITK gossip is what we need as well.

    If you like to write thats also fine, am looking for contributing authors as well.


  • Jim Barnett says:

    That Jenkinsoon guy comes from Harlow where im from – says it all and maybe says it about me

  • adtheyid says:

    Arsenal make more money in revenue in 2 home games than Spurs make in a whole season. Where the hell is that money going? They are servicing their debt sure and by all accounts are very close to paying it off, but that doesnt explain the whole in the transfer budget.
    Before Danny Fiszman died he stated he wanted 70% of revenue to be used for player purchases but since his death and despite revenues being healthy that figure has been ignored.
    Their club is rotten in the boardroom and stale in the dugout.
    Good news for us : )

    • DAVSPURS says:

      I think you will find they ermm paid HMRC quite a few quid back or they could have been in bad trouble. The same trouble rangers where in and Chelsea also paid up. Levy paid fuck all cos he was too clever and tight.

  • Gilzeanwasgod says:

    Ah bless! You forget how naive you can be at 20.
    Just playing the eclectic selection game shows you how wrong he is. Just who from the Woolwich Wanderers would make it into our strongest team? The boy Percy for sure and, and – um that’s it.

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