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Help yourself to a Slow News Day warning from Reception.

The David Bentley saga rumbles onwards sidewards . Having miserably failed to live up to even the most meager of expectations for Spurs, he wandered off to West Ham and got injured possibly without even kicking a ball. I can’t tell you for sure such was my wholehearted lack of interest. 

Rob Segal, Mr Bentley’s agent told MLS,

 “This is something that is really interesting for David, as it will also get him fit through the summer, he would like to go there on loan as soon as possible.”

Yeah I bet he would. The world’s finally turned on it’s head hasn’t it? Imagine the equivalent of this in the ‘real’ world’ for just a moment. Your boss calls you into his office and says you need to up your game. You’re not hitting your targets. So instead of threatening you with being performance managed out the side door with bin bag containing your personal effects, he instead suggests you accept a transfer from the Haringey office to the one in Beverley Hills.

Elsewhere Dances With Scones looks like he’s going to be out for even longer than initially anticipated with reporting the threat of a second bout of surgery. Gout is not our friend.

And thank the sweet merciful lord we’ve finally secured the signature of Bruno Uvini. The Sao Paulo 19 year old centre back announced the lease/purchase deal on the Sao Paolo site

“It’s a great opportunity that arose and could not pass up. It had been a time we were talking and Tottenham are a big club, with worldwide exposure, and has asked me to introduce me.

Will be three months for me to adapt to English football, the club and culture. I have a great professional and personal growth with this choice”. 

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  • Paynotron says:

    Anyone else get the impression the only role Gomes will have at Spurs going forwards is to babysit small Brazilian boys?

  • GC says:

    Uvini – nice

  • reports a few weeks back had huddlestone ready to start running in the “next few weeks”
    If he learns to run by the time he’s 40 it will be a first. Back to Mc Donnalds big tom rehabs going a treat.

  • rogerspurs says:

    Hudd out….disappointing. Was looking forward to some added strength for the run in!

    Bentley out….so waht. Who’s gonna miss him? apart from some sad sacks looking for a punchbag in restaurants.

    Uvini….who he?

  • Cozzer says:

    Good on Bentley – keen to get fit so can’t knock him. Or has he just realised that the MLS is about his level so the sooner he gets to milk it the better!
    But surely we could play him if only to take the corners – I’m sure I’ve seen him hit it over the first man – a rare skill these days!

    • Bruxie says:

      You can’t knock him?!

      He’s an opportunist git who cannot justify his fee; wants an easy life; and reckons he can cut it with a bunch of ageing pros in a non-pressure atmosphere.

      There was talk earlier in the week of him going to MK Dons.

      Work harder in training for ‘Spurs would be my answer to all his problems and forget the hairstyle.

      • Tomtraubert says:

        not wishing to defend him much but wrt not being able to justify his fee….the fee wasn’t his fault. So to justify the vastly overinflated price we paid for him was always going to be difficult. Same goes for Carroll Torres Bent etc.

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