Date: 24th February 2012 at 8:36pm
Written by:

Hello fight fans.

Let me open by saying that I headline with a twist on Gen. Curtis Le May’s  quote in the genuine belief that we will beat on Sunday like never before. They don’t like it up ’em. The cold hard steel. They don’t like it. 

We beat ’em indoors this term and the prospective home advantage of Sunday’s tie at the will gently evaporate as the cold hard intent of a bridesmaid now a bride becomes brutally evident.

The Arsenal might have coasted some with more forgiving opposition this season but the Lilywhite’s are no more a collective of charming but inadequate wannabes. The chaff has been well and truly milled. The squad looks lean, mean and ready to cause chaos.

We travel there as hunter seeking hunted. This disheveled mob of plumb tomatoes have  never been riper for the squashing. 

2-1 earlier at The Lane and given our comfortable points advantage, given the purring we’ve  provoked in so many varied corners of the football press …it must be ours to throw away.

We must be focused of course. With Ledders, , and all having trained I see no reason to prevent the inevitable. 

Come on your and let me get this gum I trod on …off the sole of my shoe.