Arry Agrees To Replace Queen At Olympics Opening Ceremony

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Good morning.

Arry Redschnapps is about to become one of the most recognisable faces on the planet this summer, but not on the back of being announced as the new England manager.

The Olympic Deliverance Commission apparently first contacted The Premier League back in October last year to discuss football’s involvement in the 2012 Games. From what can be gathered, the natural candidate to emerge as an ambassador was our very own, Arry Redschnapps.

An ODC aide Dame Paumne told Marketing Woche magazine:

As a committee we were very conscious of the need to maintain the profile of the Games against the backdrop of football’s dominance in sport. The synergy of this initiative will embrace those strengths.¬†

Once all the nations have arrived into the Stadium, the LOCOG Chair Seb Coe will give a speech, followed by the President of the IOC, Jacques Rogge. He will end his speech by introducing the Harry Redknapp to officially declare the Games open.

The Tottenham manager will be a welcome addition to the delivery process. He is a rising, popular star in the footballing firmament and most interestingly, a local man born to the area the games are hosted in who has achieved unprecedented success in his  sporting field.

The Queen has been ‘moved’ to the the Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony.

The President of the IPC, Sir Philip Craven, and the Chair of the OCOG, Seb Coe, will take to the podium to give an address. The Games are then declared open by HN The Queen and oaths are taken by representatives of the athletes and judges.

I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t something fishy going on behind the scenes here involving Levy & Co. and Olympic Stadium dealings. Especially in light of David Gold’s barbed comments on Radio 5 Live on the matter yesterday… ¬†

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