Date: 30th April 2012 at 10:52am
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I was diagnosed in a full an fair debate earlier in the season as the type of supporter that ought to be behind glass in a museum. I was brought up with our lot occasionally holding up cups. I like ’em. All shiny and nice.

But times have changed. The with it’s endless games is like adding half a season to your campaign and the financial rewards a mixed bag. The domestic cups have lost their sparkle too. The is by so far ‘The Daddy’ that for many it’s even surpassed the as a the must see competition.

And now we sit poised for Champions League qualification. And I use the word poised like you would about a kid standing in the middle of a see saw, was poised. Balanced on the brink rather than ready to pounce if you see my distinction.

So a simple poll. If we fail to secure a Champions League qualifying spot, should go? By fail, I mean just that. The manner is irrelevant. If ┬áthe Blue Racists deny us by beating by beating Bayern or we achieve 5th or worse, it’s all the same.

How deep is you love?

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