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Good evening.

I’m losing the will to live here. The longer I support Spurs the longer the idea of a living will appeals. The idea of losing the susceptibility to hope and having something up my sleeve so when at my most vulnerable, I was still making lucid decisions.

This just in and maybe I’m overreacting by telling you I believe it to be grim news.

  • The Arry to England saga is a murky pit of negotiations with the FA acting like it’s inevitable… a foregone conclusion.
  • The player revolt reported wasn’t so much of  a mutiny rather a group of people looking for direction after discovering their ‘boss’ wanted out.
  • Agents of certain players (I am not told who but it’s hardly rocket science) are basking in this uncertainty and we, the fans are surely in for a horrible summer of threats and allegations.
  • Forget all the Moyes, Rodgers chitter chatter… Tim Sherwood is the Spurs manager in waiting.

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  • Tippy says:

    “Tim Sherwood’s blue and…. ”

    mmm… please no.

  • banks18 says:

    Do you honestly think the board have got together and come up with Tim Sherwood who’s been our “youth” team manager for one season as the man to take us forward ?

    I’ve lost faith in whats happening at our club right now but it’s not stretching this far…

  • johnnyboy says:

    NOT FOR ME..

  • spursguv says:

    My sides are hurting haha. If livermore is the only thing to come from our ressies then sherwood should be sacked. In fact sherwood, gorman, jordan and allen should all go. We have some very talented youth players being wasted. These pricks are guilty of loitering with intent of doing nothing.

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