The 10 O’Clocker: Tim Sherwood

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Good evening.

I’m losing the will to live here. The longer I support Spurs the longer the idea of a living will appeals. The idea of losing the susceptibility to hope and having something up my sleeve so when at my most vulnerable, I was still making lucid decisions.

This just in and maybe I’m overreacting by telling you I believe it to be grim news.

  • The Arry to England saga is a murky pit of negotiations with the FA acting like it’s inevitable… a foregone conclusion.
  • The player revolt reported wasn’t so much of  a mutiny rather a group of people looking for direction after discovering their ‘boss’ wanted out.
  • Agents of certain players (I am not told who but it’s hardly rocket science) are basking in this uncertainty and we, the fans are surely in for a horrible summer of threats and allegations.
  • Forget all the Moyes, Rodgers chitter chatter… Tim Sherwood is the Spurs manager in waiting.

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