Date: 16th May 2012 at 9:37pm
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Guten Abend, meine Lieblinge.

If ever there was a modern day footballer tale worth turning into a movie then it’s that of . How so? A plot that includes playing and scoring goals at the very highest level domestically, internationally and even on one occasion under machine gun fire. Moving from to City, ‘that’ slide and now these quotes.

He came to us certainly not for the money and definitely not for the frills. Why he came I do not know. Maybe he likes playing Yahtzee with Benny on the bus to away games. Maybe he enjoys practicing bad dance moves with Gareth the whitey.

What I do know is his unselfishness and his goals overall contributions  have been nothing but a breath of fresh air. We haven’t had a striker who offers so much in a dog’s age. We really haven’t.

This club needs men in the Lilywhite who actually want to be in that shirt of ours. As per the Dalglish piece earlier, emotional investment is a key element when you’re following a football club.

Is he the Messiah? Who knows or cares, but if we can land the very lovable lunatic at the right money then I couldn’t be happier. And more to the point it’s my belief that his current team mates would be equally delighted.

& Co. are far from daft and I’m confident they will make the right choice.

‘I don’t know yet whether I’ll be here or not next year but my first choice now would be to stay at . I am not going to go on my knees and beg anyone this is for others to sort out.’

“I am a huge fan of Tottenham now and I love the club. If I am not at the club in the future, I will be following their games and wishing them luck. I played at Arsenal for three years but today I keep Tottenham in my heart more than Arsenal, even though I haven’t played here for as long.”