Adebayor (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love An Ex Gooner)

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Guten Abend, meine Lieblinge.

If ever there was a modern day footballer tale worth turning into a movie then it’s that of Adebayor. How so? A plot that includes playing and scoring goals at the very highest level domestically, internationally and even on one occasion under machine gun fire. Moving from Arsenal to City, ‘that’ slide and now these quotes.

He came to us certainly not for the money and definitely not for the frills. Why he came I do not know. Maybe he likes playing Yahtzee with Benny on the bus to away games. Maybe he enjoys practicing bad dance moves with Gareth the whitey.

What I do know is his unselfishness and his goals overall contributions  have been nothing but a breath of fresh air. We haven’t had a striker who offers so much in a dog’s age. We really haven’t.

This club needs men in the Lilywhite who actually want to be in that shirt of ours. As per the Dalglish piece earlier, emotional investment is a key element when you’re following a football club.

Is he the Messiah? Who knows or cares, but if we can land the very lovable lunatic at the right money then I couldn’t be happier. And more to the point it’s my belief that his current team mates would be equally delighted.

Levy & Co. are far from daft and I’m confident they will make the right choice.

‘I don’t know yet whether I’ll be here or not next year but my first choice now would be to stay at Tottenham. I am not going to go on my knees and beg anyone this is for others to sort out.’

“I am a huge fan of Tottenham now and I love the club. If I am not at the club in the future, I will be following their games and wishing them luck. I played at Arsenal for three years but today I keep Tottenham in my heart more than Arsenal, even though I haven’t played here for as long.”

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  • david says:

    All he has to do his half his wage packet and he can stay.
    If nothing else his comments should piss off the Woolwich followers.

  • essexian76 says:

    His abilities and goal scoring were never in any doubt, it was doing it for more than a season with any club he’s played for that’s questionable. He’s all smiles and passionate when first arriving, but 2nd season syndrome has kicked in with every previous club. Even if we can afford his wages, which is doubtful,is he worth breaking the bank for? If we do, the queue for Levy’s office will be a long ‘un, that’s for sure-personally I’d move on, and look elsewhere-but not Remy, judging on the games I watched him in the CL earlier in the season. I still think Damieo is a possibility, and a better proposition

  • Rob says:

    You have got to be joking. His first touch is pants, most of his goals have been tap ins, he’s missed far more than he’s scored and he plays everywhere else on the pitch except in the areas we need a striker. Scum! Get rid…

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Possibly one of the most uninformed comments I’ve ever read.

      • Frontwheel 2 says:

        Granted he’s played a few fantastic games for us but not enough imo,I just can’t see what you see in him.
        If we do sign him I hope I am well and truly proven wrong.

        • Phil McAvity says:

          What I see is 17 league goals (+ something like 4 perfectly good ones ruled out) and 11 assists.

          Basically he is the 20 goal a season striker we have been wanting for ages, and he has many other good attributes too (hold up play etc)

          If we can get him for the ‘right’ money then I’ll be happy. That’s not to say that I necessarily want him to be our only attacking signing though.

        • Frontwheel 2 says:

          Defoe gets nothing but shit on these pages but according to wiki he has scored a goal every 139 minutes of play this season.
          I think we can get better,that’s all I’m saying

        • Phil McAvity says:

          To be honest I’ve always liked Defoe but having Ade play for us this season has really opened my eyes to how one dimentional Defoe is and how much more Ade offers to the team.

          However I do agree that Ade has his faults which is why the money has to be right on this one.

        • essexian76 says:

          The partnership of Adebayor and Defoe is by far the best option-the snag is and has always been the inclusion of VDV in the side, who prevents us using the pace and power from both flanks and makes Modric ineffective-I’ve been saying this since August and have seen nothing since to alter my opinion 1 iota.

      • Gilzeanwasgod says:

        “Possibly one of the most uninformed comments I’ve ever read.”

        And let’s face it there have been a few on here. :sideways:

    • bored says:

      Whilst I don’t care who he used to play for, I think if you look at an index relating wages and signing fee to the goals and assists return, he’s well down the list. We haven’t actually got any other strikers bar Defoe and the kids and despite not having a first touch he has been a breath of fresh, if rather baffling air. Personally, I would be looking at Holt and Davies, cheap as chips and always give it their all. Bellamy? Although he might go for Benny with a golf club should the afro-haired one refuse to bust a move to Delilah.

      • CLaw says:

        Sorry, did you say Holt and Davies?!? We’re supposed to be a club challenging at the TOP of the table, not the bottom!

        Holt will have a poorer 2nd season (remember Michael Ricketts?). If we get Davies, we’re back to the days of Raziak. I’d rather we got the Bulgarian back than either of them

    • Hakushaotoko says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Only 17 goals and 11 assists in 33 league games. That’s four fewer assists than David Silva, who’s only half as tall!! Not good enough bring back Crouchie and Super Pav :-/

    • GiveAdeToTheBlind says:

      His touch is heavier than a elephant’s, but he does, however, manage to get to the ball and keep it under control with his second. As for his shooting, it’s far from special. These stats which are banded around are all well and good, but with the way the team is set up, had we a striker with above average awareness and technique, you’d be looking at a far greater return. As a person wrote below, some are so used to the feebleness of our recent forward play, an average player is deemed world class. Nowhere near worth breaking the wage structure over, however much he talks the talk.

  • NickTheGooner says:

    Gooner here, tbh i am not(and neither is any other arsenal supporter)even 1% bothered or “pissed off” about these comments. at the end of the day he knows you lot are the closest he will get to a “big club” now, in england anyway. He obviously isnt going to slag you off now is he? he knows theres zzero chance of worming his way back in with gunners, so hes worming his way in with you. the first good season he has he will be flirting with other clubs again, you watch.

  • zab says:

    tbh I don’t care where they’ve been half as much as where (our) players might go…

    willy and ade have been significantly good. Modric can go fo rthe right money, £50m, but can’t go to chavs.

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