Rafa Source Says Jan Vertonghen’s In London Today

Image for Rafa Source Says Jan Vertonghen’s In London Today

Good morning fight fans.

Mark van den Heuvel is Rafa’s biographer, which for me would place him as a man who might well have more than half a clue as to what’s happening in Tulip Town.

Van den Heuvel’s¬†tweeted Tom Collomosse a cricket correspondent and Spurs specialist at the London Evening Standard that Jan is over, in London today.

Is this for a medical? Well, he’s traveled ahead of his Belgium teammates who play Engerlund on Saturday…¬†

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  • LosLorenzo says:

    Medical for Chelsea, no doubt.

    • Wagahumper says:

      JV Is Done – Harry is TOAST however…

      • Woodsy says:

        Letting Liverpool, Chelsea & Villa take the decent managers, then sacking Harry doesn’t make any sense and I don’t think Levy would make that mistake. I suppose if he’s got someone lined up in a year and he wants to let Harry’s contract run down that might explain the unrelenting tension between the two. That sounds like Pep but does anyone here really think he’d come here!?

        • Bobbles says:

          Not that I’m doubting it, but I would like to know how we know about this supposed tension between Levy and Harry – and the extent of it.

          I think its fair to say that if Harry got sacked then the rest of the football world would be rather surprised.

  • MattyMafs says:

    Second… Damn….He is tweeting in English but I’ll read anything into anything at this point.. Desperate But Not Serious as Adam Ant once said

  • Sid Trotter says:

    Medical today, announcement tomorrow – when the window properly opens

    It is not rocket science. Him and Rafa are also in love. They hope to have baby Pandas by Tuesday

    • Neilos Hotspur says:

      More than one?

      • Jay says:

        Well that poser the other day who commented as “I KNOW” called the medical on Thursday before anyone else and now every source is claiming the same thing.

        He also said Harry wouldnt be manager for long and all you guys slated him, Guardiola anyone?

  • Harry this is a retro article,a return to the good old days of two or three days ago where we thought anything and everything was possible.
    Back then,Eden Hazard was still a possibility along with 50% of Rodgers and Hammerstein (we had a better chance with Hammerstein,He managers a 3rd division Bundasleague club)
    Back then we were showing some real teeth in being out early with our targets. But now all these three days have shown is the others are signing players and managers like crazy and we are going at a snails rate.
    I like Levy and his conservatism.Im not a share holder or a season ticket holder but if we are talking Tottenham then I think its just as important to balance the books than win the Premier League.
    I am a bus driver but do come from a long line of accountants.
    Still with all that I am optimistic that at least your target (the ITK bloke) is a better punt than some of the rumours that surround this club via the dailies.
    While everyone is buying brand names we are still looking for pearls in potato skins but you know maybe someone like Vertonghen will actually materialize,become a piece of the Tottenham fabric…and hope he doesnt get unravelled sitting and waiting

  • a_felching says:

    Done deal according to Phallus of the Lane

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