Has Luka Modric Been Sold?

Good evening.

Talk about feast of famine. Nothing for days and now this. Marca another Spanish outlet are saying that Luka Modric has agreed terms with The Special One at Real Madrid. 

The unsurprisingly quote free article cites the lack of Champions League football as an influencing factor in the move.

The fee they are estimating in the region of €35M. 


  1. 1st – I cant beieve this is true – I have been stalking him for months now – always appearing at the windowsill, always there when he is washing the car, taking a shower, mowing the lawn, always there when he is doing his rat impressions for his freinds …..

    He has humilited his one true love

  2. We need to make up the money we lost because Harry decided to fall asleep at the wheel. Modric will be sold. Just hope AVB can bring Moutinho or Sessegnon in as cover.

    1. Avb will bring championship football if he takes over no one get on with him throw his toys out his pram

      1. Blimey, who let Private Frazer in?

        Doooomed, we’re doooooooomed ya hear me! :wassat:

      1. I don’t blame Modric for wanting out given the total lack of ambition shown by Levy in the transfer market over the last 3 seasons…..there’s only so long you can live witha 5-year plan that’s 5-years out of date.

        As for Moutinho and Sessengong, further examples of lack of ambition if they are in fact on the shopping list.

  3. If its true I have to change my handle… pity…
    However- I would rather see him at Madrid than Chelsea or Utd.
    He is a wonderful footballer, shame he was turned last year…
    Best of luck Luka thanks for some sublime memories.

  4. Marca marca, Spanish drivel, Levy wouldn’t dare unless he pulls something out the bag!
    Maybe he fancies himself as our new leader of the pack? chairman wants managers job, lol

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