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Good morning.

As I write this late last night I’m not long in from having been to watch a stand up comedian called Stewart Lee. One of the many excellent bits was him quoting from a supposed 40,000 word document comprised of bile about him collected from numerous places online.

Stew made this poignant, bitterly funny and utterly brilliant courtesy of one particular nasty rant he discovered online that revealed so much about it’s author that he recognised him as someone he had actually known very well for a short time, at one time in real life.  

The blackest comedy of this blogging lark is by far the ITK. I’ve backed a few winners and the occasional non runner*. It goes with the territory and if you can barely cope with the vagaries of life then any mask you use to conceal your daily struggle with life slips in the click of a mouse. 

*Benzema shirts are still available at full price from Reception

As the online designated driver of Redschnapp’s contempt I have to by rights share the dark forebodings of anyone a chap on Spurs Community who has predicted that our tight lipped supremo has less than 48 hours left in office. The poster is called Adief and he has spoken thus:

Harry will be removed at some point this weekend….
So this is clear, by monday morning H will be gone….

Ill be back monday, if this doesnt happen then the mods can ban me simple :)…this idnt rumour, this weekend he is gone!!!!

There was on response to this little bundle of joy that stood out and it came from another poster, Akquyid: 

Lunch with an agent today after golf. Agent off to Vegas with some of our lot this weekend, reckons Harry’s 100% gone.

Deep breath….

It won’t be his choice either. Supposedly some senior members have been either told incoming or of the situation

Other news Ade wants to stay and his people met DL before End of season and pretty much pleaded for it to happen. Other stuff Joe Cole was highlighted by HR, Advisors of DL completely ignored, may have been one of the final straws, but no one knows.

Not really, just seems DL has finally had enough. Don’t think the whole #askarry stuff on betfair helped. 

Any truth in any of this? Well, it all appears determined enough, you have to say that much for it and this Adief chap has gone as far to say he’ll willingly take a site ban if his Arry exit prediction didn’t turn out to be completely correct.

Adief’s ITK track record has been questioned. As your mother tells you, and my mother certainly told me, it is important, she always used to say, always to try new things.

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  • Fatfish says:

    I don’t know what it is about all of the ITK’s, H. We all seem to totally despise them but we feed off them like a vulture tearing apart a once twitching corpse (see what I did there?) in the vain hope that, for once, they may have some information that contains a grain of truth.

    Oh for the days when you’d pick up the daily paper early in the morning to learn that “Spurs sign Archibald for £800k”.

    • Just like the 60’s Tottenham team ruined my ability to accept mediocrity happily,then the buying of Jimmy Greaves in the off season of the Double was the marker that keeps me believing that out of the centre of that small stadium (it didnt look that small in the 60’s) we will soemehow be able to afford some magic both in the centre of defence and the centre of attack.
      ‘We signed Greaves!’ was three words I heard earlier in my life that made everything possible.
      My Tottenham brought that power to the table then so why cant they do it now?
      the reason doesnt matter.It just hasnt abated the desire for Tottenham to be the very best again.

      • melcyid says:

        BANG ON :daumen:

      • Boy Charioteer says:

        I was at the 2-2 draw with West Ham in August 1970 and when Jimmy equalized for The Hammers I didn’t know whether to cheer or cry. I still adored him even in West ham colours.

      • MitchellThomas says:


        Your post has made me want to stand to attention and applaud. Thank you for reminding me why i love and continue to support Spurs.


        Mitchell Thomas

      • Hart says Spurs, Benny says LOL says:

        Amen to that :daumen:

  • R-type says:

    I wasn’t even alive on the 60s but I pray to whatever non-existent deity that cannot be listening that this is true. No other manager that I can think of has treated his club with such contempt.

  • crespur says:

    So HH, Harry gone and you’re grinning, Adief wrong and you’re still blogging… win/win or lose/win? ….Others saying Levy happy with status quo (keep HR) but not happy with demand for increase (3-4 years) in contract though… I think Adief’s gone!

    • jerkinmahjurgen says:

      lol. Harry as if you don’t make up enough crap of your own without dragging other peoples onto your site. ‘Tis nothing but a contract wrangle between two strong characters. We’ll start the season with Harry in charge, pending he doesn’t die first, perish the thought. We got through the tough bits, the court case, England… sticking with him, backing him… now we’re gonna ditch him? People don’t like being put in their place, none more so than Harry. Yearly extensions are fine for a manager in his 60’s. Harry’s just gotta get his head round it. Then with no distractions and a couple of signings we can be the outside bet again.Harry’s good, When will you see the light?

      • Mattspurs says:

        We stuck with him but he would have asked ‘how high’ if the FA had asked him to jump. The whole FA situation still lingers – if ingerlaand have a shocker (and Terry gets done for racism) the press will go for woy. If a bad couple of WC qualifiers follow a bad Euros then the ‘Harry for England’ bandwagon will gather pace once again. Could the FA ignore him again? So whilst Harry blathers on about a long term contract he wouldn’t honour it – we need a manager that sees us as his dream job and will stay to build a legacy.

  • salek says:

    Praise the lord

  • salek says:

    Praise the lord……hallelujah

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