Date: 27th June 2012 at 9:00pm
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Good evening.

Some more bones and over ripe vegetables to throw into your transfer window stock as you quite naturally ask yourself, ‘why me and what’s with the stock, it’s June?’

This from the secure unit of the Tottingham message board that is FTL and a geezer wot intros the goods wiv …’Has never sent me anything like this before and dunno where he would’ve got it from so take it as you please:’ 

  • Vertonghen WILL be a player come July 1st? 
  •  Sig WILL be a Spurs player come July 1st? 
  • WILL be a spurs player come July 10th (delays in agreeing terms)? 
  • WILL be sold to Real Madrid (£30m + Sahin) by July 9th? 
  • AVB WILL be Spurs manager on July 1st? 
  • we WILL be signing with our MAJOR sponsor/investor for naming rights on July 15th? 
  • Stadium WILL be commencing July 27th after the signing of the final contracts.? 
  • 2 x more MAJOR signings WILL be made before July 18th
Oh yes. And can whoever it was that grassed Spurs Odious’ webmaster up to the for publishing next seasons fixtures please make themselves known to Reception. Hilarious prank, my name was mentioned alas kudos to whoever thought it would be funny…