Fur Coat And No Knickers

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Good morning.

The morning after the night before. They gave us a parachuting Queen – complete with the most ridiculous continuity error ever shown on telly since Jacques Santini was unveiled as manager – jumped off the chopper in daylight, landed in darkness. Betty’s dresses certainly hold the old wind back, eh?

We got JM Barrie, a homage to the NHS and GOSH, IKB aka KB who couldn’t stop smiling and as he was so ITK that we’d also be seeing a Bond, a Bean and a Becks on a boat not to mention a Beatle …all twirling endlessly on a giant model railway baseboard with psychedelic scenery. 

Like drunk sex it felt good in places, but I would have felt more comfortable watching a cleverly sequenced movie that did the same job and cost a whole lot less.

That was three million quid less than Andy Carroll. Andy Carroll has been lauded as a waste of money, but he was bought with private cash.

I find it impossible to feel good about the money burned last night and the £480m piece of junk stadium that will be left behind. Will they hand the athlete’s accommodation in the Olympic village over to Shelter? Will the NHS get a fraction of the money being burned in this miserable middle class ethical car crash? 

So from fur coat to the lack of underwear. Or rather the lack of Under Armour. 

Don’t get me wrong, the kits look good but where’s the jacket that Bale was wearing in LA? Where’s the polo top Villa-Boas has been sporting? Why are there two mishmash offers on the Under Armour site and the Official site? Why are some garments available in more sizes than others? 

I see the OS is offering free shipping on orders over £40.00 Presuming that best selling item must be the short sleeved home shirt at £45.00 this suggests screams that they aren’t selling as many of their best seller as they had hoped to. 

UA and THFC would do well to set up a call, relaunch and watch the basket value increase.

People shopping at jumble sales don’t tend to buy a lot. 

Liverpool later on. 1800hrs here in jolly old Blighty. You can it watch live on both ESPN and Spurs TV. At this stage it would be beyond ambitious to have a pre-match prattle, other than to say that this will be the first game actually worth watching for obvious reasons.

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