Hugo Lloris Will Unquestionably And Without Doubt Be Wearing The Shirt Of A Football Team Next Season

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Good afternoon.

Yesterday got into a spot of trouble on Twitter for having the affront to Tweet ***** and ask him to stop nicking a salary under false pretenses from us. I don’t make a habit of approaching celebs on there. Well I called David Baddiel a middle class beardy. And I asked Claudine Keane if she and Bob had ever considered a suicide pact …ah hold up, it might be me.

Hugo Lloris then.

Of late, I get an increasing sense of ‘intolerance’ from Spurs fans. The demand for vending machine / Pot Noodle speeds isn’t just exclusive to transfers. Some still have this bizarre belief that we ought to be beating everyone 5-0, come what may. Bless. 

Jean-Michel Aulas, Lyon’s president appears every bit as raunchy as our boy. One would have to say, ‘why ever wouldn’t he?’

“Unless he really wants to leave, he’ll be playing for Lyon next season. He was decisive during the penalty shootout.

The best present we could give to the supporters would be to find a way to keep him and that’s what we’re going to do.

Tottenham had made contact via some agents at the beginning of the season but since then we haven’t received a concrete offer, so I don’t think they’re willing to make the offer that would enable Hugo to join them.

He wasn’t against it, but it’s been going on for too long now.”

Tell me about it, love. 

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  • Yachtsman says:

    First? Am I dreaming?

  • Gestie says:

    we need a new goalie for sure, in the new photo shoot of our new kit Brad is starting to look a lot like Ron Perlman

  • Lyons corner house doesnt do pot noodles

  • Everbody seems to be giving it to us (no not the results) with so many wanting to wear the shirt and so few actually signing on the dotted line.
    Who will be wearing the Tottenham shirt is not clear but we have a dozen or so players that we are trying to get to wear other teams shirts and they wont friggin’ leave.
    Its all a ploy by Under Armor I think.
    Or not.
    Only Harry the shirt manufacturer knows for sure.

  • Phil McAvity says:

    The lack of a striker is worrying me slightly at present to be honest. It’s almost August and we still haven’t signed any.

    Kane has got a class name, but for me that’s where the class ends, although I would love to be proven wrong on that one.

    • LLL says:

      Facking Stupid is what it is. We still haven’t replaced Berbatov is the truth of it. Perhaps we should just be done with it and buy him back.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        I think you’re right.

        Berbatov was never replaced. Forget PSB, forget the managers, had we held on to him, it would have been better for all concerned.

      • Hartley says:

        I’d take Bebatov back in a heartbeat…….but then again I’d take Kanoute back and come to think about it Pav. Not 3MP though, never….never ever would I wish to see that lanky streak of piss wearing the Lilywhite at the Lane ever again….

        • Spurstacus says:

          Likewise re Berbatov and Kanoute, but Pav? Stop it Harts, it’s Sunday night. The kids have school tomorrow.

        • MitchellThomas says:

          I always liked Kanoute. But then i have a thing for insouciant, laconic centre forwards. It’s the Tottenham way you know.

        • Hartley says:

          Which is why I like Pav…..what he said ^

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