Liverpool Need To Talk To Charlie Adam Before It’s Too Late

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Good morning.

Brian Clough addressed his assembled new charges, the Leeds United players and told them, 

Well, I might as well tell you now. You lot may all be internationals and have won all the domestic honours there are to win under Don Revie.

But as far as I’m concerned, the first thing you can do for me is to chuck all your medals and all your caps and all your pots and all your pans into the biggest fcuking dustbin you can find, because you’ve never won any of them fairly.

You’ve done it all by bloody cheating. 

I was thinking about Charlie Adam and once the colourful stuff subsided I came to the conclusion he was an anachronism. In the 1960’s they would have called him Charlie ‘Chopper’ Adam – or something equally trite.

But the desperately sad thing is Adam wouldn’t have made grade to play for Revie. Adam has won nothing and it’s highly unlikely he ever will.

When I say nothing I meant nothing of any worth. He has a Carling Cup winners medal where Liverpool after what seemed like days eventually beat European heavyweights Cardiff City on penalties.

Adam’s main contribution you might recall was to hit his penalty kick past the goal with such force the ball eventually landed in a car park.

In Hammersmith. 

Cheating and getting nowhere has got to be even more lamentable than cheating and getting away with it.

Liverpool owner John Henry fired ‘King’ Kenny Dalglish for a number of reasons. One was certainly the commercial damage and general disrepute that was achieved by backing a racist. If Adam pulls another stunt like the tackle on Bale – that took place in a friendly – in a Premiership game …it’ll be Brendan Rodgers taking the call from the States. 

Adam’s disciplinary record isn’t in itself eye-watering. You start waving stats about and you automatically get involved in horse trading. No, this is just as when Wayne Rooney sees the red mist it’s the chilling execution of the fouls that is the cause for concern.

Liverpool Football Club used to win lots of medals and pots and pans but they won’t return to winning ways anytime soon employing cheats and thugs like Suarez and Adam. It won’t happen.

Adam needs to be sat down and told; the modern game is too fast and too athletic to accommodate ‘old fashioned’ hackers. And football needs to make sure that Adam is strictly monitored from hereon in, or someone’s going to have their career ended. 

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  • Gonzo says:

    Shocking tackle, absolutely no class that boy

  • Habib says:

    Scholes cant tackle. But he sure as hell can pass his way out of that deficiency. Adams can’t. he had the most Liverpool assists last season because Liverpool sucked last season and had no formation to speak of.

    In a friendly ffs…. What a pathetic man.

  • liam says:

    when is the last time spud won anything..cant remember ,someone help me///

    • Ten says:

      2008 carling cup vs Chelsea in extra time, 2-1 against a top 3 team. You can still buy the commemorative plate and DVD if you want to see for yourself mate.

    • Ten says:

      2008 carling cup vs Chelsea in extra time, 2-1 against a top 3 team, not a top 3 championship team that took you to penalties.

      • Reg User says:

        I think he meant anything of note – afterall, he has discredited the Carling Cup in his article – or are you saying it IS a trophy of note?

    • Devonshirespur says:

      Ahh the school holidays have started….great!

    • bruno eruga says:

      Eruga Mercy Terminations do a nice line in assisted suicide for moronic imbeciles. You sound deserving enough to qualify for a specially discounted fee. Please call when you’ve found you arsehole, Arsehole.

    • Quinny says:

      I’d love to help you – bullet or lethal injection?

  • Charlie Adam is a dirty rotten player but he does what he does. He went for the kill because he has not the ability to try and take the ball from a player by Bale.
    Bale on the other hand must be more aware. He goes full tilt with full trust,occasionally you have to know who is around you.
    But there is no mistaken the diabolical challenges of Adam and the not give a fuck attitude of what results.
    An apology is not good enough.

    • Eyeball Paul aka The Eyeballer says:

      Why should Bale ‘be aware’ ? Bale’s inhibitions to burst past tackles (fair or unfair)with his pace is his strongest attribute and to phsycologically ‘slow’ him down would take away from his game.

      Its that scumbag Charlie Adam that needs to be taken away from the game…..

      • .

        In a perfect world he wouldnt have to…

      • arni says:

        not in any way justifying adam,, but we see it all over,, and bale is not the only one, players of quality being stopped at all cost in football games,, Ronaldo for ex, has probably taken more such knocks than Bale will in his entire career,, again,, i am not defending adam in any way,, being a red i am one of those who has never taken him in, and i believe he is a massive overrated player.

  • 4 Ever Hopeful says:

    It would almost be worth one of our own getting a red card to properly take care of that piece of shit. If Liverpool want to show that they have learnt anything from the Suarez incidents they would fine and then transfer list the malicious little b*****d.

    • football fan says:

      So condoning someone to “take out” Adam makes you worse than him… a brainless moron, what do want to do break his leg?. It was nothing more than a bad tackle by a clumsy player who shouldn’t be in a Liverpool shirt. But if Bale at been at the Olympics where he should have been it would never have happened. Then again if Bale didn’t have glass ankles he would possibily man up a bit

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Bale’s ankles weren;t the issue. In both instances, Adam stamps on his laces. That’s the entire purpose of me including those detailed clips.

        • Reg User says:

          it’s football, it’s a contact sport – stop whinging like a southern softy and get on with it. Plenty of players, including (gasp, horror) Spuds players make tackles like that week in and week out.

          Get over yourself and stop being so precious!

          • Harry Hotspur says:

            Have you got any examples of these week in week out type tackles you want to share with the group?

        • Reg User says:

          Try going to a match mate – they happen there all the time.

          Spuds are not without their own players who’ll be snide and put their boot in. Ekoutu, Gallas and others last season at Anfield. Like I said, stop whinging about it and move on.

      • Eyeball Paul aka The Eyeballer says:

        Retarded comment by a retard.

        Sorry, Retard.

      • It wasnt a clumsy tackle it as a stop at all costs tackle.The problem was it was little cost the that bastard

      • UnkleKev says:

        Scholes is clumsy; Adams is malicious.

      • davyspurstillidie says:

        Another idiot who does not know or can,t read the facts.The GB team made the call not to take Bale not Bale.They were shown scans of his injury and decided he would not be fit in time.They had to make a call when told about this and did not have weeks to wait to see if he would recover.Its a bit like you feeling sick ,you have to make a call there and then if you are going to work.You cannot just leave it last minute dot com.When you are sick you are sick but it does not mean you will not recover unless it something terminal.Read the facts you fool if you can.As for Adam i feel its time to change the rules a little.Players who make bad tackles on a regular basis should have a fine and ban on a uprolling basis.It should include friendlies .The money from the fine should go to the charity of the injured players choice.A tackle that results in a player being forced to retire should result in a long ban and very heavy fine.This would get rid of the likes of players like Adam who have little or no talent.

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