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Good morning.

After the Charlie Adam blog and dealing the moronic …the caption comp was just the tonic. Thank you.

Some cracking stuff from Freeeki on Spurs Community then.

  • Zeki Fryers to Spurs has been completed for a while, not sure why it isn’t on OS but in my source’s words “Sir Alex was taking the p*ss” offering him £1900 per week. Daniel offered £10k so it was a no brainer. 18 months ago he thought the guy was gonna get released but came in to his own last season and reckons he’s gonna be big news.
  • He also said similar to others about Adebayor – fee agreed, terms agreed with Spurs, sticking point is negotiating a leaving package with City. As far as Ade’s concerned, if City want rid that badly they should honour what’s left of his contract in the form of a donation to his charity.
  • (non-THFC) Edin Dzeko back in training with MCFC and doesn’t look like he’s off anywhere which would suggest Ade is definitely going. He doesn’t think SAF is interested in Van Persie, more trying to make a tit out of City. Doesn’t think SAF would pay upwards of £220k for a 29-yr-old.
  • (different source) Berbatov’s attitude is getting United squad down, definitely off but doesn’t know where to but said Spurs definitely not looking to take him back. He reluctantly went on tour with them but didn’t want to be there. Doesn’t seem to be too popular among the squad or staff (surprise surprise).

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  • MitchellThomas says:

    I may well be in a minority of one (won’t be the first time, shan’t be the last) but i don’t want Dimmy anywhere near our club again.
    The lack of respect he showed Big Mart and our club shocked me.

    Besides whenever i hear his name i keep thinking of the Priest’s Mum in ‘The Exorcist” – “Dimmy, Dimmy why you do this to me?”

    • GinolasLeftNut says:

      Completely agree, his second season all he did was sulk and complain about wanting to be at a bigger club. However talented he was, it’s not worth ruining the team spirit.

    • Michelle says:

      Always wondered about that as a child until my mum said:”go look up incest”. Once i had seen the movie I wondered if she had actually watched it so I asked dad and he said she had her hands over her face for most of the movie and hence the lack of a clue: all he ddi was the ultimate chikd parent crim”he put her in a nursing home”.
      “ohrlll Dimmy you badda boy”. What has this to do with Berbatov:let’s put him in one!!
      Stll laugh over rednose nudging his mate while laughing at Berb chewing his nails on the bench.

    • Habib says:

      I’m beginning to agree. One of the best things I learned in my stint in HR was that if you have a star performer but he spreads negativity in the culture get rid of him.

      • MitchellThomas says:

        A poor attitude like his spreads quicker than a porn’s stars legs.

        I’m sorry but now you’ve outed yourself as a HR bod i have to be very measured with everything i say to you from here on Habib.

        Lovely weather innit. :-p

    • essexian76 says:

      A minority of one?, I think not ol’ Chap. What he did to our club makes the current Modric saga pale into insignificance.Still, it’s made Levy into the man he is today

      • MitchellThomas says:

        Very good point that mate. It certainly made Levy aware of the nature of this business we call football.

  • the man!! says:

    Boring stuff

  • Chazer says:

    but it was all worth while to give you the platform for this amazing comment…

  • Andre's Crouching says:

    What time is it?

  • Justin"SydenhamYid" says:

    Re: Ade’s City contract.
    Imagine my surprise at reading that Ade is not a money grabbing @&?! After all. He is in fact altruistic by nature and talk if his wage demands are in fact a carefully planned campaign to tarnish his character.

    Which charity was that?

    • craig says:

      It’s called Christians Access to Schools and Hospitals. Bit of a mouthful to fit on a cheque, so just use the the initials – C.A.S.H.

      • Justin"SysenhamYid" says:

        So is that really what he wants? Not more money for himself?

        • SimYid says:

          Half of his wages gets sent to African charities

        • MitchellThomas says:

          That’s what happens when you reply to those emails from Prince Charles M’bongo, exiled ruler.

          Though i think calling it charity may be pushing the boat out a bit.

        • essexian76 says:

          It certainly is where Ade’s concerned..sign a bumper deal-play well for a season-sulk for another season-and get a new bumper deal from a different club and no transfer request required- a cunning plan well worked out!

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