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Good afternoon.

You may or may not be aware of the horse manure in this mornings Sunday Express. It’s difficult to feign surprise that a paper like this would run such a piece.

The Express’ columnists include its former editor, Peter Hill a man who according to Nick Fagge, a former Express journalist himself  who in evidence at the Leveson Inquiry said of Hill, ‘He was unconcerned with the accuracy of McCann related stories, so long as they managed to sell papers.’ 

Next up is Anne Widdecomb. Boy, here’s bag of tricks. An entrenched anti abortionist who denies the existence of climate change. Anne’s personal website features a page dedicated to the cats she has shared her life with.

Anne’s other contributions to making the world a better place included opposing the repeal of Section 28 as she didn’t want schoolkids understanding what homosexuality was.  Anne was an Anglican, but the ordination of women was ‘the last straw’ and she bailed and went Catholic. 

Elsewhere we have Frederick Forsyth who’s politically aligned slightly to the right of Vlad The Impaler and adding to the eclectic mix we have last and indeed least, the intellectual heavyweights that are Richard & Judy. 

Anyway, back to the piece in question. 

Colin Mafham is the author and you have to ask yourself what his motivation was. Is he simply one of Arry’s mates, or just a chancer? 

Facing fierce opposition from both players and fans alike, the new man will be greeted by dressing room unrest that will test him from his first day in the job.

Eh? Now I know that there are are few Spurs fans kicking about who didn’t want Arry fired. 38% of you on this blog’s poll said you wanted him to stay. But I would describe the mood among this minority of supporters as fierce opposition, rather concern that we don’t ‘do a Ramos’ or ‘a Santini’ to ourselves. This is a long way from the burning effigies  Mafham hints at.

A string of players are waiting to tell him they want assurances or want out, led by injury-jinxed captain Ledley King, whose contract is up and who doesn’t look like being offered another one – as a player at any rate.

Er… Ledley has publicly stated he wants to remain at THFC is some capacity or another and it is ambitious to suggest that Levy & Co will reward his sterling service with a carriage clock and some vouchers for the Megastore. The chairman let him use his own swimming pool to exercise in. 

In the meantime, it is difficult to find a Spurs fan who welcomes the appointment of a rookie coach rejected by Chelsea after just eight months.

Who carried out this search for fans who were prepared to welcome AVB? Inspector Clouseau? Keith Harris and Orville? Anne Widdecomb?

And his inability to relate to the senior players during his short reign has similar alarm bells ringing among the squad at White Hart Lane, where rival candidates Laurent Blanc or Didier Deschamps would have been preferred.

Hahahha, yes that adds up. I can imagine AVB coping with Azza Blud and Jermain J**** demanding to know who has hidden their eyelash tinting kits will eclipse anything John Terry and Ashley Cole threw at him.

I don’t know if Colin Mafham has a career ahead of him as a journalist, if he wants one then he needs to stop typing out turds like this and have a long hard look at himself. And Colin,  finding yourself an employer that doesn’t creep most people out will be another distinct advantage.

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  • Frank says:

    Perfect response to a really lazy piece of so-called journalism!

    • Habib says:

      Perfect and timely which is equally important. I was wondering what the heck they were on about. It’s like that old psychology test where they put blots on paper and ask you what they look like. I think these guys put names on paper, ingest some meth and do the same thing!

  • Vanderfaart says:

    An infinate amount of imbecilic hacks given an infinite amount of time would still never have come up with such drivel.

    • Rob says:

      Agreed! This arse’ole is so ill informed I am surprised he did not include Hudd and Daws. Well while we’re at it Blanchflower and Greaves!

  • MarseilleYid says:

    An incredibly bad piece of journalism.

    On a brighter note – new kit to be revealed 12th. Wonder who will be modelling it for the season?

  • Mike says:

    Please don’t call this drivel journalism. It’s in the Express. Enough said.

  • Wales for yid says:

    Pathetic journalism! mouthinio has backed AVB saying he’d love to work with him again. I’d like to do my own poor journalism and say he is joining us

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