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Vide Cor Meum ushers in the first strands of morning light.

He has been preparing for this day from the moment he survived an Amyl Nitrate overdose twenty minutes after the last transfer window closed. Gently woken from a medically induced coma at an undisclosed location, a woozy middle aged man takes his first few sips of nuromuscular blockers in solution.

So here we are once again then. I was toying with the idea of a live blog but to be honest until someone makes one that is actually ‘liver’ than this format there’s little point. So this page will be with us until 2300hrs and then a new blog with detailed analysis of where we are tomorrow morning will be published, tomorrow morning. 

The news about the hiccup on the Loris deal cause heated angst to be sprayed at Levy & Co. with fire extinguisher pressure. I don’t have a problem with opinion, but today may prove too action packed for comments with rude words in to be tweaked and salvaged from moderation. So perhaps weigh up the loss of impact your expletive has with an asterisk compared with the loss of impact of the entire comment never being read.

So what might happen?

Well, Moutinho is very likely if want him to be our most expensive signing ever.

‘Porto is an extremely difficult club to deal with. I don’t think he is a player we can afford. I have never hidden that he is a player of tremendous qualities – there are only a few players who can come in straight away to a team and have a direct impact.

Only world-class players do that and he is certainly one of them but it doesn’t mean it’s within our reach.’

Villas-Boas yesterday.

I think we are most likely to land Daniel Sturridge. And that’s my punt. The Club may well be playing a straight bat on this whole striker business, but they know that aside from managing the expectations of the angry mob supporters, Defoe and Adebayor isn’t all that much to get excited about. It doesn’t obviously smack of Champions League qualification.

Berbatov anyone?

What becomes of the broken hearted? See you at close of play. BIOYC!

Hotspurs Half Hour – Show 3 by hotspurshalfhour

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