I’ve Lost All Faith

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Good evening.

I have no faith.I might have thought I had when I was a child. But it’s gone.

Kishna, born 1000 yrs BC, son of a carpenter, was baptised in river. Mithra, born 600 BC curiously enough on December 25th, performed miracles, was resurrected on the 3rd day. He was known as The Lamb, The Way, The Truth, The LIght The Saviour, The Messiah.

The big hitter though has to be the ‘rather popular’ Egyptian god Horus who in 1280 BC was known the son of Osiris. He was also born to a virgin, baptised in a river by a bloke who later had his head chopped off. Horus did a stint of desert business, getting tempted, all that jazz.

He was an absolute whizz at healing the sick, blind and cast out demons like it was going out of fashion. When he wasn’t recorded as having walked upon …water. Pity none odf his descendants were involved at the Sunderland game today, eh? Horus also raised a guy called ‘Asar’ from the dead. The translation of this name is ‘Lazarus’. Horus had 12 (count ’em) disciples, was crucified, then was discovered by 2 (count ’em) ladies who declared him ‘risen’.

That said, faith isn’t for schmucks.  If something gives you comfort. I’ll be the very last to suggest you’re a fool. It’s vital part of the way humans go about their business.

But all I ask of people is don’t try and pass it off  faith as being either truthful or …factual. It isn’t an imaginary friend tending to the sick, it’s scientists and doctors. And if my own Living Will is executed to the very letter, coked up Vegas showgirls. 

Spurs fans carping about André Villas Boas after 2 games need to jack it in and find themselves a new god. Because dealing with reality is clearly too much for them to cope with.

Do you know the last time I watched a game close to where we passed so deftly, tackled with such spirit? It was the UEFA Cup Final against Anderlecht.

I was genuinely proud of us today. The best analysis you will ever read and player ratings for you in the morning.

Of course it was heartbreaking to watch them equalise, but I have absolute faith in intelligence, wit and guile. The boss is building something rather special here. The result today hurt, but I’m still so excited about this season.

So in my headline I lied.

Confused, upset?

Oh you must be new…

Hotspurs Half Hour – Show 2 by hotspurshalfhour

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  • rich says:

    Just give me Ratface’s replacement! Read Mouthino NOW!!! And Lloris and Willian/Llorente/Damiao Not Remy! Then we have CL next season!

    • Winston wolf says:

      This^ I’m well pissed off but after the tears have dried the sense kicks in. Tomorrow AVB will get pelters but the man with a job to do is Levy Livermore & Sandro played well today,bale & Lennon hardly used which tells you we need that playmaker a decent one from the no like chicken rat,friedel good today but not so good last week a man in his prime needed & as we are all crying for a proper striker for our collection,so we have 3 goers & the boy Kane,I know the score you know the score Avb & his mum know the score,Levy & his flying monkeys know the score. Also I’d like to add vertongan looked good after a shakey start,so basically levy & your buying staff get to it & let’s see what we get before we start lighting torches & getting our pitch forks & heading for the big house on the hill

      Drive safe

    • Blobby says:

      when Jenas came on he weakened us , he shouldn’t be playing ahead of huddlestone

    • Borris says:

      At the game yesterday the booing pissed me off. If u were at the game yesterday and ur reading this and u boooed yesterday. you are a dickhead.

      • Frank the Tank says:

        Yeah booing was stupid, seemed to come from the West stand behind the manager. Thought we played well first half without much penetration. Second half was too open and the subs didn’t have a great effect. Thought Livermore was my man of the match, just because he was consistent throughout the whole game. Definately agree, need a Modric replacement to get Bale and Lennon in the game more as they looked our most threat when they got on the ball. West Brom played well 2nd half but our defending was little too much of the panic and hoof variety, which meant we didn’t hold onto the ball and take the sting out of the game. Maybe AVB can teach us to close out a game when it’s tight, something that still haunts us. Special mention to the applause and singing for Ledley at the 26th minute, was brilliant! Shame the atmosphere for the rest of the game didn’t quite match that!

  • philo says:

    1st, YES!! COYS

  • al says:

    You’re clearly a moron, one who resorts to humor to try and deflect the fact you have a small penis. Here’s a reality check for you: You support Spurs, ambition isn’t part of that club, failure is. Stop pretending to be funny, as you’re not.

  • prestonspur66 says:

    Thought we played great today,maybe should have started with ade to be honest.

    • StrappingYoungLad says:

      I suggest you look up the word ‘great’ in the dictionary

      having said that, I did think we was ok.
      The second half was just so flat. But AVB needs time to get his team together.

      I applaud HH’s optimism though. No good can be done of calling for his head after 2 somewhat bland performances

      • ashmaan says:

        Two bland performances????Nice one!what have you been doing whilst weve been playing? I thought today was exceptional,we played exciting football and chased every ball.Gert’longen looked good at the back,we were pacey both sides,nothing bland about today mate.

  • LDNYid says:

    100% with you HH, anyone calling for AVB’s head is deluded. Tactically astute, team played well and we’ll get to where we want to be in style with a bit of backing! Lest we forget the squad is in flux with ins and outs; amongst this back drip the manager set the side out to perform astutely and solidly.

    AVB’s blue and White army, this season will work out just fine

    • Garth Crooks is a bad man says:

      Bringing on Jenas was a masterstroke, astute at its very best.

    • Urbane Sturgeon says:

      I appreciate your enthusiasm, honest. But surely delusions are applicable to perceived facts rather than desires, no?

      If you’re suggesting that our new manager is going to be, without question, a success, I must disagree. No one knows how well or badly he’ll do therefore anyone’s view is, currently, of equal value. I do believe however, that, for a ‘supporter’, a positive outlook appears to be the most appropriate stance to take.

      • Carlos says:

        Agree with your comments. I stated when HR was sacked that I felt AVB would struggle to meet the results 4,5,4th. Can honestly see much above 6th.
        This is not beating down on AVB, but he clearly requires a change of personnel to play his style, which Levy needs to address. He made the decision to remove HR . I understand transfers are complex. But that’s Levy’s responsibility to sort out without excuse.
        I say stand up Levy and Co. and support your decision , your man and our team.

    • srupsman says:

      avb`s all white army ??

    • Bobbles says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but he took off VDV who was the best player on the pitch at the time., took off Sandro when he was playing far better than Livermore, and if he had brought on – oh I don’t know, perhaps Dawson for Verts when the panic set in during the last 15 minutes then I suspect we’d have 3 points today instead of 1.

      Needs to buck his ideas up if you ask me.

      • Frank the Tank says:

        Don’t agree about Sandro, some of his passing was terrible and he didn’t seem his usual self. Thought Livermore played better personally. Agree about VDV, seemed to lack ideas when he went off. Verts did seem a bit nervous, but so did the whole defence. BAE and Walker didn’t defend at all well 2nd half and Gallas showed his age too.

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