Date: 2nd August 2012 at 5:15pm
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Good evening. 

Gregg Stobart is a correspondent for and as has been highlighted on the COYS forum earlier today, there are some interesting interesting suggestions by him in relation to this transfer saga via Stobart’s account, @gstobart.

The situation was relatively straightforward. and City have a contract whereby he is due (let’s say) £175k a week. 

So if somebody else wants to take him the player has a choice to either take a pay cut (if City are willing to sell him) or for City to subsidise his salary, the latter happened while he was loaned to .

It was said by a few (yes, including me) that he had signed. He’d agreed terms with Spurs and this was communicated to City. City agreed to continue to subsidise him in order to lessen their load for a player that wasn’t ever going to kick a ball for them again. 

So at this point, Adebayor is all set to formally join Spurs.

Then we  get this line about Adebayor not wanting his charity to suffer. But his charity wouldn’t beacause he’d be in receipt of the same monies that he was at City and while on loan, the partially subsidised £175,000 a week.

Stobart claims that Adebayor has now announced that he wants the £4M transfer fee which was set to pass from Spurs to …to instead be handed …directly to him. 

Which would in effect result in Manchester City letting him go ‘on a free’.

I understand that footballers want to keep their financial affairs low key as not everyone ‘admires’ the vast amounts of cold hard cash that they earn in return for kicking a ball about. 

But given that so many elements of this tale are in the public domain, now is the time for Adebayor to – as they say in certain parts of the North of shat or get off the pot. He should step out of the shadows and make a statement and put the record straight.

The Spurs end of this were sewn up a good few weeks ago. City hummed and harred but decided  as I say to cut their losses.

I believe that Stobart could well have got the goods on here. If so, this ‘playing the charity card’ stunt is in poor taste.