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Good morning.

Straight to business then and I do hope those of you feverishly composing letters in green ink from ‘outraged consumers’ to Levy & Co. this morning are will remember to thank them for at least the first hours worth of football yesterday.

As I commented yesterday much of our play was up their with the gods. Slick and dare I say it, scintillating. The passing and movement was Barcelonaesque. West Brom couldn’t get possession. They couldn’t get more than two passes together. They couldn’t catch us. 

Who could have known that the removal of van Der Vaart would caused the whole Jenga Tower to go over? The issue was, as ever that the Dutchman was pooped. Done in. If anyone can highlight an instance where he’s played a full 90 minutes at anything approaching that tempo speak now or forever hold thy …well you know. 

But the substitution of van Der Vaart was the cataclysmic. The change saw the arrival of Adebayor who is I see is accused of being unfit, but I suggest that the real issue is that with vDV gone a vital cog in the mechanism to serve him wasn’t there anymore. 

Sandro was next to depart and too was knackered. He was far more impressive than he was last week but he was beginning to pant. 

The problem is replacing Modric.  We haven’t. Van Der Vaart was only masking the problem and when he went it was exposed for all to see. As per the Newcastle game, Jake Livermore is a player that doesn’t really do much wrong, but he neither does he do much of genuine note. 

The addition of Gylfi was good, but if I look at my chalkboard from yesterday I would argue we needed him on from the start. Worse yet, Azza Blud and Bale switched wings. The net result was suddenly neither contributed anything of note apart from when Baled wandered back in centrally. 

If the subbing of van Der Vaart was serious flesh wound then Defoe’s disallowed goal was a dirty great fistful of rock salt rubbed into the thick of it. The Tottenham of old emerged from the psyche. And so we brought on J****. Jesus wept. 

In an instant all the delegates for Invisible Man Convention were seated and ready for the presentation. Villas-Boas, please tell us all that you don’t really have any belief in this pilchard. He was booed I hear by some of our lot. Presumably this was our fans and not his team mates. Either way it’s seriously not on at games. That’s what the Internet is for. Grow a brain.

We removed Van Der Vaart, paired Livermore with Jenas and the net result was a pair of giant Monty Python hands came out of the sky and laid onto the centre of the park the world’s largest Welcome Matt. 

West Brom suddenly went from having little possession to the lion’s share. Thankfully this was West Brom and the worst they did was hurl the blunt yet nevertheless determined instrument that was Lakaku at us. I lie, the worst they did was score. 

So where are we? Well, yet again we need to replace Modric. Because the answer is not on  currently on the books and there isn’t a way of rearranging what furniture we have left to disguise the fact we’ve been burgled. 

The boss is right. This is the beginning of a very exciting new era, but whilst we need more than a limited Defoe and a questionably fit Adebayor, what we really need is a Modric. 

Made a pair of great saves. Saved our bacon.  Hates leaving his line. Hates it.

Steamin’ and screamin’. A credit to the firm.

He really has come on leaps and bounds.

The lovable lunatic.

Looking every inch the part.

Should have started.

Fizzed in then fizzled out.



You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Slayed ’em.

A player of an immensely limited dimension.

Fitness isn’t the issue. Supply is.

He undoubtedly has the tactical nous, he simply doesn’t have the personnel.

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  • MarseilleYid says:

    It’s always disappointing to concede a last minute equalizer, but the signs are there that this could be a really good team in with a good shout of a Top 4 finish.

    You are bang on HH. Modric replacement needed as the priority, with ideally another striker. I know Remy doesn’t seem to be many people’s favourite, but he would do very well playing off Adebayor and would be a superior option to JD as a lone striker.

    Summing up, disappointed with result, encouraged again by performance.

    • wiseone says:

      I think Defoe did excellently, considering the fact that he didn’t get 1quality ball in from both wingers, in the 1st half, bale was extremely wasteful, wanting another striker would not diminish his quality, I might assume bale as with the linesman were bent on making sure he wont score, I feel the disallowed goal was good

  • Toy says:

    Splendid, all that was missing was 2 more points.

  • Eton Trifle says:

    Thought we played well yesterday and again with a bit more luck in the first half we would have won the game comfortably. Defending was a bit rank second half but I think this will improve along with the players learning the new system. Fitness seemed to be an issues for some but again this may be down to the pressing style that AVB likes to utilise, with training and match time this should improve too.

    Couple of signings this week and a dollop of luck and we will be fine.

  • Jameson says:

    Not a big Livermore fan but felt he played well yesterday. The problem was in the subs that were made. We went 1-0 up made changes to flood the midfield and couldn’t keep the ball for toffee, the equaliser was inevitable.

    • Chirpy says:

      I agree he did play well, but Gifi should’ve started and Livermore brought on once we scored to shore it up

  • doctorstefanfreund says:

    SELL (Game of Thrones imp). IGNORE (J****). BUY (Will.I.An). BUY (Reme, Leandro, Rasiak- I don’t care). Do it, Levy. Before the market closes for trading. Please.

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