Bang Bang: Levy In Strong For Llorente

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Good evening.

Did you hear the one about the one hit Porto wonder, the Chelsea reject and the loss at Sid James Park? Stop me if you’ve heard it…

Tactically we were far, far superior. A solitary point after the Defoe goal would have been just fine. The penalty? Oh dear… a self inflicted wound.

Of course losing is rubbish. It stings like little else. But let’s keep some perspective. We’re capable of that ‘cos we is highly intelligent people. The transfer window has yet to shut. Balague is a damn decent source.

Player ratings, analysis to make your eyes bleed in the morning.

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  • Nezspur says:

    If it happens I’ll eat my…. tea (and probably shoot in my pants).

    Just to stoke the fires; the Guardian reported earlier that he was left out of the match day squad.

  • adam69 says:

    I’ve just cum reading we are being linked with em.

    Looking at today’s game id say we still need a Modrat replacement and 1 or 2 strikers.

    • Dublinspurr says:

      Agree. It’s a good thing games played between the start of the season and the window closing don’t count. Oh hang on, they do. Bummer. So, Levy playing who blinks first with other chairmen means gaining/saving a few mill and may have to be set against missing out on champs league at the end of the season by 1 to 3 points and missing 30-40 mill.

      • DaveK says:

        Yes, here we go again…shades of windows past…suddenly in the last few days we are supposed to be bidding for big-name targets…well if Llorente is a big name…hope it’s not another round of the Levy biggest hit “Well,we tried but….”.

  • adam69 says:

    Oh and what is with Dawson and Hudd not being in the squad?

    • Totspurs says:

      Check out ITK from White Heart Pain

      3) Liverpool have enquired about Steven Caulker which we replied yes for silly money near twenty million which they don’t have and won’t pay.They then came back asking about Michael Dawson which I believe could well happen for the right price anything upwards of ten million and he can go expect this to happen before the end of the window if Daniel Agger gets sold. AVB doesn’t think he suits the style of play he is quite Laboured and injury’s have slowed him a bit also AVB wan’t the ball played to feet and keep possession. In training he stands off the forwards and sits to deep he is definitely not in AVB’s plans Tom Huddlestone too is not up to the energy level he expect’s and has too have individual training sessions with the coaches.

      Also a bid came in this morning Harry for Luka £35m + Sturridge. Its a thoughtful one?????

      Great site Harry :)

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Thank you! :winke:

      • Dublinspurr says:

        If chelsea have really offered £35 +sturridge I’d take it. That’s £45m against €32m. as for selling to rivals, a)it happens and b) they just buy someone similar from another club.

        • Acton_Yid says:

          “>they just by someone similar (sic. to Modric) from another club” ??

          Like who exactly ? You didn’t think what you spouted through properly, did you…

        • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

          He doesn’t want to go to Chelsea now. So unless we can force him I doubt it’ll hdappen.

      • Dee says:

        I really dont think “Come anywhere near me and I’ll hoof the ball 50yards Dawson” is the technical player Liverpool need. As a spurs supporter he is exactly the type of player you need against the more aggresive teams where everything needs to be headed out and body put on the line. But against the finer technicians of the modern game I think he is slightly lacking. You close him down in defense he panicks and the ball is hoofed upfield. I’ll personally be loath to loose him as I believe you need his qualities in certain games. However, 10mill it a good price but you would need an adequate replacement which might not come cheap.

        • essexian76 says:

          For 10-11 million, I’d say cheerio and thanks for your enthusiasm and honesty-provided the cash is spent on or towards quality-which unfortunately Dawson isn’t

        • Jamesalot says:

          I don’t think Liverpool know what they need lol!

      • Wowsers says:

        Dawson going is crazy- in the season we got in the CL, he was the one constant at the back and played with multiple partners.

        Gallas is on his last legs; post this season we will have Caulker, Kaboul and Vert. Why on earth would you take 10m for Dawson when next season (and potentially this one) he will be required. Who is the natural replacement? Bassong?

        • essexian76 says:

          Dawson was only good when Ledley was controlling him, and Ledder’s ain’t there anymore. Without a guiding hand Dawson is rash and immature. As much as I admire his enthusiastic approach, it’s not quality is it?

    • wilboid says:

      They are too slow. Maybe Huddlestone can play, in goal.

    • sheikh352 says:

      It’s called “squad rotation”. When you think about it, the bench was well-balanced. A goalie (Carlo), a right back (Naughton), a cnetre back (Vertigo), a left back (Vertigo, again), a winger (Townsend), a box-to-box midfielder (Jenas), and attacking midfielder (Van der Vaart) and a striker (Kane).

      A very well-considered set of selections, really. The only contentious one would have been Jenas instead of Huddlestone. Dawson and Caulker are a little behind Vertonghen, in my opinion. Kane and VDV pick themselves, for lack of alternatives.

      • Andy says:

        I still reckon he should have had 2 keepers on the bench though just in case….

      • Acton_Yid says:

        Until you get two injured Centre Backs in the space of a week and then you’re shafted because you sold Dawson and loaned Caulker out and Gallas runs the 100m in like 10.3 hours…RING ANY BELLS ?!?

  • nobby says:

    We definately need 2 striker’s and it is a bit worrying hearing AVB saying Kane is good enough, oh please! btw Huddlestone is a creative midfielder so why do we have to sign a Modric replacement?

    • Astro Spur says:

      Because Huddlestone could never be a Modric type replacement. Just my opinion nobby, but he’s not in the same league!

    • Jon says:

      What do you want AVB to say, Harry Kane is shit but I might give him a go.

    • Nezspur says:

      Personally I’d rather hear AVB tell an up-and-comer that he has faith in him, rather then being told he’s a bit shit and his wife can play better on national TV.

      Which doesn’t mean I’m not desperate for us to sign a striker!

    • Edi says:

      AVB was saying that he usually operates with 3 strikers, the third being a youngster. Realistically this is the way to go. We can’t keep 3 established strikers happy, especially when we only utilise one at a time. I think Harry Kane is good enough to come off the bench and put a shift in, as does AVB. He wasn’t by any means suggesting we don’t need a striker because Harry Kane will knock 20 in this season.

    • Yidman says:

      We were Shite in midfield.Livermore & Sandro getting booked early made us hesitant from then on.. We do miss Modric and its clear to see.Because he in my opinion is world class at Winning the Ball, keeping Possession making a creative pass that can lead to scoring Goals & winning Games. If we do not get some one near to his Standards then we wont get in the top 4 this season, Fact…

      • essexian76 says:

        I thought their player getting booked early would’ve encouraged Bale to go at him a lot more, but he didn’t!

      • Michelle says:

        Rubbish!!>>we dominated the first 45 but after that we failed to press as much as beforee and the NU back four stayed back and they allowed their wingers to run at our FBs effectively cutting them out of the aattck and a syou can guess Bale & lennon pulled back to help, the the TWO cards for Sandro & Livermore came into effect as there was no physicality in the CMF struggle and Gylfi looked very lonely while Defoe? I never say him until the goal. He is a lLOUSY single striker although every man and his dog(bar levy) knows it.

        • Eyeball Paul says:

          Lousy post Michell, just like tne one DEFOE hit in the first half. He played well, he is quality striker and he deserves a run of games in the first team. One goal from one game.

        • essexian76 says:

          Essexian thinks the Eyeballer see’s it right

  • Astro Spur says:

    I really, truly hope this comes off, and isn’t just dreamland stuff, because if we get him and a good creative midfield replacement, we’ll be just fine, in fact better than fine.

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