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Good morning.

I managed to watch most of first half of the Red Bulls game before the commentary snuck into my brain and began carrying out a living autopsy… so then I opted to forward fast through the second half stopping only to watch the goals.

There’s no need to get to uptight. We won and it was only a preseason. But there are some areas nevertheless of mild concern. 

Bentley I want to work. I never had a hate on for the guy. But if Bale is determined to pursue his vision as a number 9 or 7 or whatever then we will need more than him on the wing to facilitate. He was predictable, slow and generally weak. 

Obvious positives were Bale and Gilly. Clearly cut from the same cloth is Harry Kane. I’m hesitant with the youngsters but at this stage it’s clear to see why Villas-Boas is interested in him. 

Thud started off poorly, constantly giving the ball away, had a couple of nice touches including the shot then fizzled out. Last night he and Jake were no DM pairing of distinction. Jake didn’t actually do very much.

Nice to see Teemu again  :wub: and despite carrying a few pounds and coming back from a nasty injury he hustled and moved the ball about nicely.

And so to the Modric business. Strange one this.  

The truth is that some players and/or their agents unilaterally wander off and shake hands on a move to a new club. Then the club’s raunchy Presidents talk to each other and start pointing out really dull stuff like ‘contractual obligations’. 

So ickle Luka appears to have been busted. Andrès Villas-Boas told ESPN:

“Luka is doing double sessions on his own in London. When we get back to London I will give some of the players some time off and when we return to sessions we will decide what is best for Luka to do,” Villas-Boas said.

“He is a Tottenham player obviously, but he has to be in good mental condition to return to our training because his colleagues are one level up in terms of preparation and fitness.

“So we will have to setup a program for him that gradually brings him up to the team, that gradually brings him to fitness level – and then see what happens.”

Image sent in by Citizen Snarklife. 

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  • Habib says:

    Sell him. Take the money and reinvest. If we can get 4 Gylfi’s for his price I’m happy.

    • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

      Mate Real don’t wanna pay the money. I fear we’re gonna either hav to sell him cheap just to b rid. Or worse case Man U, Chelsea or even city end up with him. We bid rid now and to b honest I’m wondering should we just sell him for 30 mil now and b done. As far as I’m concerned, 35-40 mil is no good last day if the transfer window. Worse 30 mil is really no good if we end up waiting That long. He’s gone and the quicker it happens the better.

      • Habib says:

        I can guarantee you they’ll pay. Real are playing “Stare me down” with Levy who is the Clint Eastwood of stare me down’s.

        Besides we are bidding for his replacement Joe Allen as we speak. Whether he comes or stays the disruption will be minimal.

      • The Tottinghams says:

        We don’t have to sell him at all! Let alone cheap! 4 years left on his contract says he has to do as he is told

  • cookiebun says:

    Nice Morning we’re having.

  • elfranklins says:

    Berbatov part deux anyone?

  • bumfudgemacsnot says:

    Or a couple of gilfs……
    can’t be too expensive in today’s economy

  • sparky 61 says:

    More the problem is the striker situation we are in a bad position to start the season with only Defoe is unacceptable and will cost us points,as for Modric the chairman will hold out for as much as he can get.Transfer window closes end of August so he still has time to play hard ball but it is so tiresome

    • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

      Tiresome it certainly is.
      I agree with u on the strikers. I think we can make do with midfield. Buy one or two good front men and another decent CB. Modric can go @&£” himself far as I’m concerned.

    • The Tottinghams says:

      Defoe always cost us points. Apart from when Crouchy came on and gave us something different by not scoring any goals either

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