€9M Deal On The Cards (Don’t Worry, It’s Not Chamakh)

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Good morning.

Italian media lead the way this morning confirming some of the more informed mumbles over here that we’re in for Jack Butland. The Birmingham boy would be great addition. Brad undoubtedly has a part to play but the question marks over just how suited he is to André Villas-Boas’ brave new world are beginning to loom.

It would be a crying shame if Gomes’ career were parked in a cul de sac with us. But what can be done? With the new boss’s clear intention to rotate (opposed to the swiveling of his predecessor) it is hopefully the case that we see him in the Europa. At this rate it could be up front, which might be less surreal an idea than you think as if memory serves me well he started out as a striker. The circle of life, eh?

The Marouane Chamakh on loan piece by our old friend John Cross isn’t worth the steam off our collective effluence.  This smacks to me of a circulation issue. Clearly his wife’s knickers are too tight and it’s affecting the amount of oxygen getting to his brain.

Elsewhere, it is being rumoured on the excellent COYS that some bloke called Emmanuel Adebayor was spotted in The Plough public house in Cuffley where he was reported to be threatening …to play against West Brom.

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