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Good morning.

This is one to divide opinion. We appear to be selling Michael Dawson. Sir Les as he was, is affectionately known is understood to be weighing up his preferred choice of destination between QPR and Stoke.

It’s been suggested to me that the business of Liverpool being linked with Michael last week was simply a lose lipped agent discovering that the player was ‘available’.

There are a number of factors at play here. He has frequently had to combat injury and with the arrival of Villas-Boas he’s been found to be not quite sophisticated enough. Is this fair? Well, having a big heart and a desire to do your best are separate issues. Notable features of the boss’s new system is the control and focus on ball retention.

All hands to the pump type hoooooooofs up field aren’t desirable. They are old school and at best turn possession into a 50/50 ball. You’ll notice that Brad has mostly been rolling the ball to the back four’s feet.

Another issue has been development. Daws was always doing his best and improved over time, but did he ever really look ready to replace Ledley King? I’d argue not. He frequently looked the business when teamed up with Ledders but Kaboul looks a better long term bet. The addition of Jan Vertonghen the last nail in his first team coffin.

If we were on the same financial footing as Manchester City, we could afford to keep him in the squad. Alas we are not.

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  • @joshyboi88 says:

    1st! (sorry)

  • Eton Trifle says:

    2nd? Anyway, agree with you HH that he is probably not sophisticated enough and never really looked the part unless playing along side the king. He has been a good servant to the club but I say cash in now and re-invest where we really need it. Bassong on his way to Norwich too?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Seb off according to SSN.

      • Mitchell Thomas says:

        Hopefully permanently, not loan.

        Ever since some fool wrote a caption “Bassong sung blue” i’ve not been able to get that bloody song out of my head every time his name is mentioned.

        I wouldn’t mind but it’s far from Diamond’s best.

    • Bobbles says:

      I’m more disappointed by Hudd’s alleged departure than Daws to be honest.

  • Eton Trifle says:

    And THudd going out on loan, I read somewhere possibly with a recall clause added so we can get him back in January, this may be to get him some game time and match fitness before deciding if he has a future with us or not?…

  • @joshyboi88 says:

    Have to agree with the article. Love Daws as a bloke, would enjoy having a pint with him. Seems like a genuine, hard worker. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t fit into AVB’s new style, then he’s got to go. Plus, I think he deserves first team action.


  • Winston wolf says:

    Good luck to him a decent servant to club,any news on a striker or 2. Trying to filter good or bad info from twitter

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