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Good afternoon.

From the mouths of babes then.

From the Phantom Of The Lane we have…

Luka isn’t even training with the 1st team. Training in isolation at the lodge.

Player meetins [sic] are continuing [sic] today, there will be movement- fully understand everyone’s frustration and I know you can all see the alarming gaps in the squad and are wondering why business hasn’t been done early.

A healthy diet and sound home life relies upon movement. Sage words indeed. 

But remember we are only a few players away from having very strong sqad capable of challenging- in an ideal world we woud have 2 more strikers, a replacement for Luka who we got 40m for and another winger.

If pots and pans were ifs and ands there’d be no need for tinkers.

Im not saying this to distract from our problems, but Utd still havent signed a CM(kagawa is not this) who everyone seems to think thy need. City who have all the riches in the world haven’t made a signing, Would you of wanted Borini(LFC)? There is extra frustration Arsenal and Chelsea have made signings, but we are not the only club who havent complete their business. We have replaced Ledley with probably the most sought out defender in Europe in JanV and Gylf will be a huge asset in midfield.

We all know that the market is stagnant.

I would be amazed if one of the deals we are currently working on does not come off before next weekend.

I’m hoping to find a tenner crumpled up in the pocket of next pair of jeans I pull on.

And this from a chap called David on FTL:

To be absolutely clear, there is no way Modric will go for just 32million. At this rate he will not go at all. Odds on it will be settled on the evening of the 31st for 30m+ and Sahin, but we’d be v comfortable with him staying…

Last summer he’d ‘only move to Chelsea’.You should know that he will go to any Champions league side that will pay the fee, triple his wages and plays in one of the top three leagues. Practically speaking that is only Real at the moment, but it is not like he won’t go anywhere else for the next four years of his deal if the chance arises.

Real obviously want Modric to create that impression to help their negotiating position and his walk out was designed to give that impression but Spurs fans should be able to see what is really going on IMO.

If you are Real competing with the best midfield in history there is just one player you can buy…Modric is him as Mourinho (and abv last summer) knows, and so they will have to play brinksmanship with Levy until the end of the transfer window and they will lose.

Ultimately it has been decided that he will remain in the reserves if necessary.

Elsewhere there a proliferation of liars and idiots trotting out the line that ‘hinafter the Olympics’ things will happen. Jesus wept. Just say you don’t know anything.  Give us all a break.

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  • MysteriousStranger says:

    “Ultimately it has been decided that he will remain in the reserves if necessary.”

    Ultimately if something sounds that preposterous it’s either bollocks or the men up top are seriously naive.

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    And since it’s being reported that Real Madrid have stumped up the money for Witsel, it seems they’ve got our “Modric replacement” (c) TheJournalist. To think a journalist could be way off the mark eh?

  • noelh says:

    it seems pretty clear to sumone who knows nothing official like me, that Luka is staying.. simple as..
    They wont pay over 30 and to be honest i wouldnt be surprised if real have not bid anything at all and it is all paper talk… Modric needs to think hard about what he wants as he is being badly advised…

    Adebayor will turn up coz there is noone else for him to go and that my friends will be that

  • thenight says:

    Any mug comes up with £32 mill, take it, ffs we had been smashed in the first two games last season before we got in who we needed.

  • 77spur says:

    This shit about we are a couple of players away from challenging, We WERE challenging until the FA and media interviened. Take 30 plus from that turncoat and move on. quickly

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