Look Out! Bid Confirmed For …Roberto Soldado

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Good evening.

This just in from  who believe that a rebuffed bid went in for Valencia’s Roberto Soldado.

If I’m reading it right, the suggestion is that an initial bid of €25m went in, then €30m to hit the release clause figure for the player. I don’t cut and paste this for mocking effect as I believe the language communicates the that rare emotion of ‘protection’ in football,

The refusal of the VCF, the next move was to communicate their willingness to reach 30, the Soldier buyout. But they have found a player tremendously involved in this project, it would not be the one forced to leave the machine, and the refusal of Manuel Llorente to negotiate the exit.

So, the day of the presentation of the template, Valencia made out to ‘9 ‘last to receive the applause of Mestalla, showing that is your true icon in the eyes of technicians and managers of Tottenham, guest computer that night at the Mestalla. Shelve the issue.

So yes, another one bites the dust, but more proof that Levy & Co. are absolutely on the case. Keep it Tottenham. Ah …remember the Blitz, stuff like that…

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  • Honour says:


  • Brez says:

    Whhhooooooaaaaaaar…..Harry, somethings running down my leg….but isn’t he in the Champions League??

    • Liamyid says:

      So Levy bids for a player who has no interested in leaving the club he plays for…. Sounds like the old bidding for Augero trick again. Keeps you morons happy think were ready to spend BIG, when really he has no intention of parting with anything over £12m for a player. Levys not working hard for us, he’s working hard for himself. No wonder he got shot of Harry, could you see him going into a season with 1 striker?
      Ask yourself, is there another club in Europe going into their season with 1 striker? No, yet you’re all so quick to praise that Pratt Levy.

      • Brez says:

        Stay calm, Crouchy has been seen at “The Lodge”
        When there is doubt, get the big one out

      • Antony says:

        Your so spot on, Im losing the will to live with spurs so many rumours, so little action, just hot air to make out where trying to build, personally I think spurs are frightened of goin to the next level as that requires investment better off pretending your trying to achieve it.

      • Yido says:

        You must only be 11 years old liamyid to not remember what levy has done for us. Where we were 6 years ago, the team we had, it doesn’t compare. And redknapp is the reason we have 1 forward now! Not levy. The blokes a living legend. Just out of curiosity, what available towards would you of suggested we go for? Damiao at 40m? Donkey Carroll at 17m? Hulk at 40m? Or we could of always gone for RVP?!?! Stop dreaming.

        • Antony says:

          what about Lloris for 14 mill, mourhtino 23 mill, Llorente 25 mill, loic remy 15 mill, ect ect ect I prefer making bids for players who have no interest in joining, it makes us look like where trying but I think everyones starting to twigg that game, instead of pushing on in Jan to make 3rd position we go and invest in Saha and Nelson says it all really, in levy we trust, no thanks.

        • LLL says:

          Right you are then – we shan’t sign any striker, they’re all too expensive for us! :ermm:

        • `rich g says:


      • :) says:

        spot on. wtf is going on ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

        all we do is announce commercial deals on the OS!!

        try announcing some fcuking signings!!!!!!!!!!

        why not buy berba back for 5mil

        we are handing a vulnerable arsanal 4th place – very sad when they are there for taking. keep modders and buy some strikers and we can end above them ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • james says:

          ….you seriously think berbatov will actually play fast attacking football and close down regularly.. keep dreaming mate, berbatovs’ useless to us.

      • hekko says:

        I agree we are in a rather worrying position at the moment.

        But Levy is pretty much one of the best chairman in the league. He looks out for the benefit of the team constantly looking to add to the squad and find new talent. He protects our assets and only lets them go if he has to and at the best possible price. But also, we are a very well run profitable football club.

        Football and good business don’t mix that well… but levy has got a pretty good balance.

        So shhh

        • Sonofajudge says:

          Sorry mate but that’s the biggest load of bollocks I’ve ever read levy wants to dine at the top table without paying for the suit to get there
          He has a good business head but no clue about football

      • 77spur says:

        Right on…

  • John says:


  • Vortexical says:

    My god, I first read this as Nolberto Solano.

    • Andrew says:

      I can understand why you would think so, but it’s about time Spurs stepped up to the big-time and buy someone established rather than one just with good potential. You can say VDV was a big buy, but one has to wonder if he would have chosen to join the lilywhites if he were 5-7 years younger. then this would remind you of when Edgar Davids wore a Spurs Jersey. I really hope we can sign Soldado, but I won’t think on it too much…can’t stand the constant disappointments.

    • Habib says:

      My god I thought your display pic was Beyonce!

    • `rich g says:

      :freu , dont worry my friend, redchump is no more with us.

  • John says:

    Drat!! I don’t buy this for one second ,why hasn’t levy looked at huntelaar or berbatov?

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