Maybe Willian But Certainly No Leandro Damiao

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Good evening.

The boss gave a presser earlier in the day here are my thoughts upon it.

Everybody tells you that modern football is rubbish, I’d argue we’re making real progress – if only in the evolution of football speak or as my old man called it, ‘footballees.’ Where we were once told of endless poorly parrots, spoke to men who claimed to have orbited the earth’s moon and of course more recently survived The Day Of The Triffics, we are now living in an age where Michael Dawson is recognised as being ‘a player of an immensely human dimenson.’

And they are wasting all that money looking for life on Mars. I tell you this mush; we’ve got all you could ever want right here.

For all the grim emissions online today from the fretters and bed wetters, it puts things into perspective when your hear players spoken about so respectfully. Who knows, maybe this is what intelligent people do. You know, show some in the hope they receive some back.

Defoe is so obviously a man waiting to hear if he’s had a stay of execution. What does Villas-Boas say? He acknowledges his qualities and again says nothing that could be vaguely twisted to convey any devaluation in the eyes of the Club.

Modric is clearly still being held hostage in a dimly lit cellar at an undisclosed address in Enfield. That’s the spirit.

Willian is clearly being negotiated for. Is this guy all that? Well, interesting that the boss repeated the fact that he wanted him when he was managing Cheatski.

Leandro is a dead duck. Think rice pancakes. Think Hoi Sin sauce and finely cut scallions and cucumber. You’re thinking of what someone else is having for their dinner. Adebayor, you better have a belter, old girl.

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  • SerfCity says:

    Just make it stop

  • SerfCity says:

    Willan, Willan, it was…really nothing

  • Steveo1987 says:

    a player of an immensely human dimenson – google translate – top top player in a triffic sense.

  • Smoked Salmon says:

    Moutinho and Willian and Lloris says the wife, and shes never wrong

  • doctorstefanfreund says:

    Right- so no Leandro but we might have Will.I.An. Might. Flog Modric, possibly get a replacement, pocket leftover dough. Flog Dawson. Pocket dough. Yet more bollox$. Spend you fuckas, spend.

    • Bobspurs says:

      Would point out the obvious… We have no multi, multi billionaire owner a la Citeh or Cheatski willing to fund both a huge transfer budget and/or a new stadium. The stadium is vital to the long term success of the club, more so than success on the pitch now.

      Is it possible that rather than sending it all to his swiss bank account, Levy is looking to the long term future of the club and thinking stadium financing with the transfer surplus?

      Maybe get of his back a bit….

      • doctorstefanfreund says:

        I’m a bit long in the tooth to expect a sugar daddy, but I thought the money for the stadium was funded from another pot.

      • Alp360 says:

        Last I checked Joe Lewis was a multi billionaire ($3.8b, 209th in forbes richest list).

        Just seems to be less keen to piss his hard earned all over the premiership like some others

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