Moussa Sidi Yaya Dembélé Snapped At The Lodge

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Good afternoon.

One thing for absolute certain emerged in our first two Premier League games of the season and it was how abysmally shy of the mark we were in the ‘Luka Modric’ department. Yeah, yeah strikers. Yeah, yeah a goalkeeper. But the real problem was highlighted when Rafa went off against West Brom.

Moussa Sidi Yaya Dembélé is a perfect fit for Andrè Villas-Boas. He has all the dynamism and all the league experience. He’s an attacking midfielder and with Pathe News Boy hospitalised and the Croatianist gone it’s all good.

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  • @joshyboi88 says:

    Very impressive signing! COYS!

    First? Meh.

    • The Tottinghams says:

      Ha ha! A wonderful example of pretending not to care?

      • @joshyboi88 says:

        I had to form a plan B, just in case I was pipped at the post…! ;)

        • Habib says:

          Sorry for the APH (Alpha Post Hijack)

          Harry in which virtual museum of the macabre do you get your post avatars from? They’re consistently spine chilling and skirt the boundaries of sanity.

  • aidyj7 says:

    Well that looks pretty conclusive I hope this gets announced today, I think he’ll be a great signing been very impressed with him, but i’d like to see him add more goals to his repetoire

    • Mark says:

      What like Modric had goals? Goals would be a bonus but someone with an eye for pass and a through ball is what is required.

      • The Tottinghams says:

        Does Dembele have that? He still confuses me. He is a class act but I dont think he is a Modric like replacement

        • Andrew says:

          Indeed. I think Dembele is good, very good, but I think Willian is better. It is possible that if Willian comes in, Lennon will go to teh bench. It would be hard for me to see Spurs part ways with Lennon even though I think there are better attacking options available for a 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 formation than Lennon.

        • Jamie says:

          I din’t see him as a Modric replacement until I saw his performance at Old Trafford on Saturday. Less polished than Modric, but did lots of picking the ball from the back 4 and deft short passes to work it forwards. Rough diamond but also stronger and quicker than Modric was, so could fill his boots given time. Work rate looked impressive also.
          Lennon I don’t see the point in selling even if we get Willian. 3 competing for 2 spots is about right, and leaves us with a spare impact player against tired legs.

  • a_felching says:

    We want more :-p

  • Starsky says:

    are those 2 chaps our new creative engine? The bald one looks a bit short of match fitness.

  • AlphaT says:

    aidyj7 same could have been said about Modric, as long as he plays with his heart we shall get some great shifts out of him, he looked top class last year

    • Andrew says:

      So I suppose it’s safe to say that Siggy goes to the bench even though stats wise, Siggy had a better season for the Swans last year than Dembele did for Fulham. All the same, Dembele is a dynamic player who can cause a defense problems with his size, strength and ability. I suppose now we can concentrate on bringing in either Willian or Douglas Costa, Lloris and M’Vila. Maybe even Remy. As for the Remy bit of business, I would much rather see Falcao or Llorente. Remy isn’t all that impressive even though he scored 24 goals in all competitions last season….in a weaker league.

      • Andre's Crouching says:

        Falcao is a pipedream……..another hat trick the other night.Probably cost in the region of 60million.

        • Andrew says:

          I highly doubt Falcao would cost £60m, more like £40m which is still way too much money. Nonetheless, he seems to like Spurs based on some recent comments he made on the Modric sale. Llorente is about £25m and possible. I just wished we were bold enough and bid for Edin Dzeko or even Klaas jan Huntelaar. Any one of the latter 3 would be excellent in Lilywhite.

      • Jamie says:

        I think we’ll see VDV sold if Willian comes in. THen Sig will be first choice no.10 we assume, Willian on the right but can also challenge centre. Lennon challenges all 3 for a place and keeps all of the front 3 on their toes (even Bale).
        Exactly what we need, no room for complacency and a proper CL squad. Lennon is twice the player when his place is under threat so who knows which of the 4 will miss out? Love it, great management if it comes off (though with a heavy heart, will be sad to see VDV go).

        • Andrew says:

          I see your point Jamie but there’s no way Lennon could challenge Bale for anything, especially when it comes on to playing on the left side. lennon would have potential for being a good attacking midfielder becvause he’s agile, fast and is a good passer. He can elude a defender with his quick first step but the left is a big no no for him. Play Lennon on the left and he would be sold the following game to a Championship team. Full time Bostock and Rose and given better opportunities. Rose would be the backup man on the left either for BAE or Bale.

          Bostock can be 3rd option attacking midfielder. VdV will more than likely be sold. I don’t see the point in selling Lennon. It’s a long season and we need to be at least 3 deep in every position and 4 deep in center defense and wing-back positions. Willian wouldn’t last half the season if he had no capable replacement player on the right side. I think VdV is going to get sold either way. He’s a poor right sided player, not quick enough and no longer has the stamina. He never looked good on the right for Tottenham the few times he played the position, just as Bale looked a bit lost on the right. I think a young player may take 3rd option in the attacking midfield role.

      • Yido says:

        The Sig and Dembele aren’t the same position. Sig will take the place of VDV in the hole whilst Dembele will play CM playmaker alongside Sandro. It is important to remember that Jol converted Dembele from a forward/attacking midfielder to play this deep-laying creative midfield role. Dembele had 112 tackles in the EPL last year doubling Modric’s 56, and only beaten by Cabaye’s 117… something to look forward alongside Sandro! Meanwhile he had 79 dribbles complete 3rd highest in the EPL, 16 more than Modric! He has an eye for quick short passes, one two’s, and threw balls which will play to Sig’s advantage much like Joe Allen did last year at the Swan’s. I think this is a brilliant signing. I look forward to a Sig, Demb, Sandro mid three!

        • The Tottinghams says:

          Is that true? Dembele is listed mostly as a forward not a creative midfielder.

        • `rich g says:

          id agree with the majority of that, dembs will play next to sandro, sig where rafa used to play, ade up top, or maybe even a ( 3) with ade, balenado and lennon , and dembs sandro and siggy behind, width provided by full backs

        • Andrew says:

          That is quite interesting Yido. What do you suppose would happen if both Douglas Costa and or Yann M’Vila were signed? So while I do understand that Dembele may end up replacing Livermore in the starting lineup, so far, Siggy looks a bit shaky. If he doesn’t become his old self real soon and pull out of the funk that he’s in, if Willian signs, that could well be his position and Lennon stays on the pitch.

      • StrappingYoungLad says:

        Falcao? why not get messi too while we’re at it.

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