Moutinho In London, Levy Negotiating With Bilbao …Busy Busy Busy

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Good afternoon.

We play Newcastle United tomorrow teatime and the transfer window doesn’t close until the 31st of the month but judging by snippets from a good many sources last night and this morning we could still be in for more shocks than Fabrice Muamba got at The Lane.

The chairman I am told was in talks yesterday with Bilbao for the services of Fernando Llorente who according to The Daily Mail has a £28.2m buy-out clause in his contract.  The 27-year-old would be just the ticket having burst the onion sack 30 times from 53 appearances.

Moutinho is rumoured to be in London. We are based in London. Could these two seemingly innocent facts be part of something bigger, more sinister than sheer coincidence?

And lastly a tidbit for the anxious and desperate to scream for Levy & Co.’s blood yet again …Jamie Redknapp has revealed in the same paper…

My dad, Harry, was driving the Tottenham chairman mad trying to get them to buy this boy [Santi Cazorla]: he is top class, a special footballer. He’s another Cesc Fabregas, a lovely slider of a through ball who will create chances.

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  • Mitchell Thomas says:

    Llorente is the best striker we’ve been linked with by far. He would be a worthy addition to our clan of top quality strikers.


  • LLL says:

    Pfft. Instead of rehashing all this ITK nonsense, perhaps you could just update with a daily blog consisting of the words ‘Nothing’s happened’ and then we can all get on with the important business of moaning and soul-searching down here.

  • SpuradicJoy says:

    Stop teasing me with these tasty little morsels. Am getting all pent up. Make something happen arrrggggghhhhhhhh

  • MarseilleYid says:

    HH, pretty poor taste joke about Muamba imho. You’re better than that.

  • Mitchell Thomas says:

    Kaddish kadoo ‘project’ mort mort

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