Negotiations Well Under Way For Andy Carroll

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Good evening.

I tell you were I am. Thinking about that old Sherlock Holmes line.  When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Can you see Tottenham Hotspur Football Club playing £47M for Leandro Damiao? I love the old girl dearly but she wouldn’t rustle that up in a hurry if the roof on a stand fell in.

Negotiations for all the other striker options that have been doing the rounds for months on end now have been hanging on in there like a Jimmy Cagney death scene. I’m becoming increasingly convinced that brinkmanship isn’t a factor. The market is stagnant and that that’s more than half the battle.

Why? Well try this. Levy & Co. quite understandably lost a little ground due this summer due to private matters. Replacing Sir Blabbsalot wasn’t a task would have been undertaken lightly. To ship in Villas-Boas and leave him high and dry, despite what some wet hens have been clucking is not the plan.

Yes, Arsenal are spending. But you’re the most intelligent Tottingham readers in existence online, so I don’t need to tell you they need to in order sustain their business model. They don’t want to. But after Nasri, Fibreglass and now Van Pervert what possible choice do they have to keep selling repayments seats to the Emptycrates?

This is from a brand new source @Journo_London. Brand new?! Could this be hood-winkery?! And the suggestion is that a number of signings are only days away. Andy Carroll ‘done bar the shouting’.

My belief is that a) I have no beliefs and b) this is very plausible based upon a process of elimination as per Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s and common sense. Will it happen? Not long until we find out, that is for sure. 

It seems obvious that Adebayor has gone from really wanting to be a Spurs player to really wanting to screw Manchester City on the way out the Out Door.

We need a striker and anyone who genuinely believes Levy & Co. are more concerned about saving a couple of million quid than getting us fixed up are giving me a migraine.

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