Oh No, My Twitter Account Hasn’t Been Hacked

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Good evening.

As ODM and I ran through our three hundred and forty seventh rehearsal this evening it emerged that I hold professional footballers in my ethical value system somewhere between concentration camp guards and concentration camps guards who are up for a bribe.

They’re in in for the money baby. If it isn’t nailed down they want to nail it down. If they can nail it then they want to film said nailing on a wireless hand held device. If that thing isn’t actually another human then they want to plate said thing in platinum …and possibly precious stones.

Add to this, these intellectual high flyers ordinarily keep for company the class of confidante that is usually more associated with crafted arts such as prostitution and racketeering. 

Adbayor’s Twitter account has been hacked! No really, it has. 

Hey footballer, stop doing whatever it is you’re doing that’s distracting you from being useful to Spurs, shut up and get on with it.

This blog is amused to death.

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  • Hartley says:

    F*ck thought I had it…

    • Hartley says:

      Oh my, I did…..Pure Gold :daumen: I’m happy with that, Adebaywhore wouldn’t be, but you knew that already….

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    Reading posts on SC prior to this “incident” I’m just going to say Dan Cohen goaded him, completely unneccessary as is his subsequent campaign on twitter where he uses this incident – which he initiated by the way – to say “I don’t think we need @Sheyiadebayor at our beloved club”, as he runs off to the press cos his feelings have been hurt.

    Fuck off. Sorry, this Dan Cohen is being a twat.

    Defoe is a serial love cheat. I see we haven’t taken any moral high ground with him.

    Footballers earn way too much. Newsflash. Abusing them to try and get a rise out of them and then acting all hurt due to the response on a social platform is just bollocks.

    On SC, by the way, it was suggested that we should look “closer to home” as to why the Adebayor deal had stalled.

    We don’t know the truth. But I’m not proud to know that a “fellow fan” conducts himself in such an insulting manner on twitter, both this Dan Cohen and the other dickhead who abused Frimpong.

    • Hartley says:

      Frimpong gets what he gets and deserves it….
      Adebaywhore gets what he gets and doesn’t…..stop being an ar5e MS…

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        Care to elaborate? I’m saying neither should be recipients of insults on twitter. But you seem to be calling me an arse because?

        • MORONHUNTER says:

          Because he’s a moron! What you said makes perfect sense MS!

        • Hartley says:

          Both are professional footballers, both aren’t particulary good professional footballers, both have twitter accounts to further their professional football careers, both understand that controversy on their twitter accounts creates increased fame, both understand that is the only way they will stay in the 15 minutes….defending either one of them an average, below average or above average wage which I presume you are on is pathetic, add to that the ar5e connection and well…..stop being one…

      • Sirled26 says:

        You need to grow up!

        • Ginge1 says:

          Hartley – “both understand controversy” I think you give them too much credit, I don’t think they think about anything as complex as that, in fact most of them don’t really think about anything at all (other than perhaps which latest bit of ‘bling’ to buy)

          MS – I agree, why bother winding somebody up then say “look see what they said” etc. if you piss somebody off enough they’re more than likely to snap and say something hateful back. No surprise at all. Also none of us actually know what the problem with the Ade deal is, we can guess and as the saying goes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

          What footballers earn is an outrage, but if we are all that outraged why don’t we stop buying merchandise, buying tickets, cancel our sky subscription etc. People complain on the one hand but then do nothing about it but complain about how much they earn, yet it is the very same people effectively pouring the money into the game that makes these wages possible (me included). Oh there’s all the small matter of gas / oil barons to distorte the market but let’s not even go there!

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    I do expect there will be plenty who want to join in on the witchhunt though.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I agree with all you have said, however my blog was more about the abysmal lack of self control and grasp of reality these ‘victims’ have.

      I am a complete schmuck, a no mark on Twitter. I am a piece of dust. Yet for the greater good earlier ce soir I stepped out of a chain of ‘striker’ focused chat.

      Adebayor is merely ‘another’ tart who needs to learn to play the game.

      The answer isn’t to ‘arrest’ these so called ‘nasty’ Tweeters. The answer is people who put themselves out there either to naff off or do less to encourage hate.

      ‘Wah wah, somebody told me to kill myself…’
      These idiots need to grow a pair.

      Amused to death.

      • MysteriousStranger says:

        From where I’m standing we have two instances whereby the original insulters (both Spurs fans unfortunately) get up in arms because their insults are returned.

        I am not applauding the responses from Frimpong or Adebayor exactly either, rather observing that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – and they certainly shouldn’t go off running to mummy media afterwards like a spoilt brat/or some low life selling their story.

        Nobody covers themselves in glory here, but it’s disappointing that fans of any club (not just ours) would conduct themselves in such a manner in the first instance.

        • MORONHUNTER says:

          HERE HERE!!!!!

        • Hartley says:

          Footballer gets paid £35k per week, fan earns £350 and pays £75 per game to watch him play……Footballer milks it by opening twitter account and voices his opinion (many times slagging main rivals off even though he will probably never play against them coz he is shite)) one of approx 10m fans slags him off and tells him that he woudnt be sad if he got injured….I’m surprised it was just one…..

        • MORONHUNTER says:

          And that is why you are a moron!! A lovely moron………but a moron you are :sleeping:

        • Harry Hotspur says:

          I agree. The whole thing is a cheapskate convention.

        • TMWNN says:

          It’s ‘Hear,hear’, Moron.

      • Ginge1 says:

        HH abysmal lack of self control? From footballers! I can’t believe it, maybe we should have other role models, how about people that really matter and have important jobs, with influence…………….how about politicians! they’ve got self control!
        Unfourtunately you become wealthy / famous etc etc chances are you’ll become an arse, if you weren’t already (Present company excepted HH! )


    HH Please delete posts from morons on your site!!!Great blog but too many morons….like the guy that was pleased to be first to post on here then condones a bloke that wanted a player from a rival team to break a limb! Very clever! So what if Ade reacted…….if somebody makes a comment towards you then you have a right to reply…..It doesn’t matter who you play for!! Now I’m off to the middle east as a UN peace keeper!


    Young man eh!! I’m starting to like you! :shocked2:

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