Date:7th August 2012 at 2:01pm
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Good afternoon.

Give the complete and utter absence of anything occurring on the transfer front we may as well cut our loses and just get signed up for the old fantasy football spiel.

I’ve opted for the Barclays Premier League fantasy game as per usual as it is as slick as you need it to be and it’s extraordinarily free. Sign up only takes two or three minutes. You get one hundred million Great British Sterling pounds to spend.

My technique I call the Village Idiot Method. I pick a decent goal keeper, then a couple of top drawer players for each line (defensive, midfield & attack) then fill up the rest with total dross to facilitate as much lolly as possible being pumped into the best players.

The recurring problem with these Fantasy Games is if you don’t do insanely well in the first two or three weeks you tend to jack it in. So this season I’ll be including in the blogs an element referring to this league and we’ll sort out some spot prizes along the way.

The League is called ‘Pure Filth’, you click the link below to sign up for free using the League invite code: 679491-172176