Date: 23rd August 2012 at 12:53pm
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Good morning.

So, Rafa off to SV they say.

Well, they rehash. Looking at the source article in De Telegraaf it seems more a case of tapping up/ making a public plea to his employer to rustle up the required readies.

Is the deal as close as The suggest? Mmmn. I’d say to claim this is at best ambitious. De Telegraaf says that Rafa ‘will almost certainly return to his former club HSV’. But then follows this up by adding, ‘only an agreement between Tottenham and is standing in Hamburg’s way.’ This is like me declaring I’m going to be the world’s best saxophone player. And all I need to do is buy a saxophone. And then learn to play it.

Arnesen is quoted as saying he wouldn’t rule out the move. It might be a last minute deal. Well maybe we’re beginning to touch on the truth here.  De Telegraaf seem to believe that a gap in the two parties evalution of the player is the root of the problem. want £11M and the Germans only want to pay £9.5M.

There are other factors at play that neither the De Telegraaf of The consider. are not in a happy place. They narrowly avoided relegation last season. Does Rafa really want to undertake an uphill challenge at this stage of his career? And the other element in the equation is what does Mrs want to him do?

Hey, just think. if we were to flog him, we could use the cash to put in a cheeky hi-jiack bid for Wolve’s Matt Jarvis.

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