Sell Modric This Afternoon

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Good morning.

In my inimitable wisdom I’ve decided we should flog Modric this afternoon.

The suggestion is that Levy & Co are perfectly within their rights to ask for £40M for him as he still has yards and yards of legally binding contract left to run.

And there’s the nub of it. Footballer contracts aren’t worth the laughing gas that was being liberally consumed while they were being drafted.They’re a handshake, a mother asking a child, ‘please don’t’, a whim, a fancy …a hope. If Levy & Co are on a crusade to enforce their rights in law then that way madness lies. Crusades are expensive and require you to unplug your brain for their duration.

The guy wants out. He’s not not very bright without a ball at his feet, but he knows what he wants. He signed a lengthy contract and then announced about a fortnight later that there was a gentleman’s agreement separate to it in existence that would allow the contract to be null and void. The caliber of work one would might expect from a 6 year old negotiating for sweets twenty minutes before dinner is served.

Then it appears he hadn’t fallen in love with Roman Abramovich’s money, it was more ‘money in general’ and so if Los Blancos coins stood up to the ancient Croatian tradition of a rat bite then they would be as equally welcome.

He is never going to play his very very best for us again. You do know that, don’t you? I mean I’m not typing this out only to have it read by some long term unemployed tea bag commercial chimpanzees am I?

He was ‘alright’ last season, but he didn’t score enough goals and he didn’t look anywhere near like he was worth £30M , let alone £40m. We won’t sell to him to competitors and as Mysterious Stranger pointed out yesterday that achieves one thing. You decrease the size of the marketplace and you decrease the value of the product. You ever been to an auction? There’s a golden rule. ‘All you need are two people in the room that really want it. If you’ve three, then Happy Christmas.’

We have Real Madrid and nobody else.

The notion to ‘throw him into the reserves and let him rot’ is all very admirable, but we’re back into crusade territory. Not even the RSPCA are going to show any interest in him if you do that. You’re effectively setting fire to £30M quid in your back garden out of spite.

Now none of us truly know what the deal with any of these striker negotiations are. That’s not up for debate. Unless of course the chairman is reading. In which instance, be a love and please use the comments box below.

But what we can guess with some degree of accuracy is that money is large element in the equation. We need to cut our losses and quickly. Preferably before teatime.

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  • nobby nobbs says:

    Spot on. I just hope it happens.

    • dado says:

      spurs will never ever get world class c.midfielder like modric,who cares about goals from mod but his deep clever passes and crosses in eyebraw and how manny chances he create for attacker,pure class.Show some respect,all of you would go to real even to clean their toillets.harrry hot is cinical bastard see you tube clip (modric vs spain) and cover your ears arrrryy,i guaranted you are fat bastard without girl in hole your life

      • phil says:


        • dado says:

          275 accurate long balls and 96 key pass,just last year,first in both category that is most important stat for cm,so dont talkabout asissssssst

      • spurious says:

        Is that what they call a dado rail?………… I’ll get me coat.

  • Mitchell Thomas says:

    Cloughie always made a point of saying that if a player wants out, ship him on as soon as possible. Otherwise he’ll be like a cancer round the club.

    I agree – 40 mill, 35 mill. Just get rid now and let’s get on with the season. Nose/face/cutting off/spite situation.

    I hear City/Liverpool are cooking up some sort of Agger for £££ plus Adam Johnson and Johnson is only valued at 3/4 mill for a years loan.

    Good lord at that price we should be all over that – getting Adam Johnson in and putting Bale under a bit of pressure (or freeing him up for his ‘new’ role….) is win-win.

    • Mitchell Thomas says:

      That’s 3 or 4 mill by the way, not three-quarters of a mill. You wouldn’t get one bollock for 750k these days.

      • Jay says:

        What you have to remember is this money that the club gets for Modric is irrelevant to us as fans, I dont care what we get.

        We have sold Crouch, Pav, Keane, Pienaar, Krancjar, O’Hara, Palacios, Corluka as well as releasing King, Woodgate, Nelson and Saha for around 50 million and around 700k per week in wages saved.

        And replaced them with Parker, Sig and Verts for around 23 million and 200k in wages.

        We havent seen the money invested in the past, basically I DONT CARE WHAT THEY GET FOR MODRIC.

        Levy is tight and has cost us big players in the past and he will do it again this summer… predictions, we miss out on Leandro because we are too tight, get Adebayor in, he doesnt get on with AVB or his sytle of play and we are in a right mess.

        Leandro is the answer, without him all the ticky-tacka football Brazil play would result in nowt

        • Come back Jurgen says:

          I dont know how you can call Levy tight. We constantly spend money on transfers, and all I hear from rival supporters is where does the money come from – ‘Spurs spend loads’. Now, we recoup a lot back in transfer paid to us, and that is how we operate. We only have 36K seater stadium, yet still compete in the transfer market and stay afloat. I dont want us to become a Leeds so applaud Levy. The past couple of years the spending has decreased, but if you didnt know Europe is in a bit of a recession.
          Cost us big players? Only the players we cant afford. I dont want us to start paying obscene wages/tfr fees and then in 3 years after maybe a 2nd place finish and CL qtr final declare ourselves bankrupt. Levy knows what Spurs can afford and manages it well. Ever since he took over we have grown and grown, you do remember us signing Michael Brown and the like dont you?
          Fact is, we are not Man City or Chelsea. Arsenal have a 60K stadium and we still seem to outspend them.

      • nicktheyid says:

        i beg to can have one of mine gift wrapped delivered by a barber shop quartet singing your favorite ditty for £750k

  • Benny B says:

    Why wait till this afternoon ?

  • freund_was_a_leg says:

    the problem with this strategy is, what happens when the next big name player be that bale or walker or whoever wants out, they’ll through their toys out the pram and bingo off on the cheap. That is what Levy is afraid off.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      The problem is that these contracts don’t actually protect the clubs from players who ‘don’t fancy’ playing for you anymore.

      What needs to be installed is a practice with the FA that a player pulling a stroke like this is then banned from playing in the Premier League for 60 days.

      This wouldn’t prevent players going abroad, but the reality is that most players want in to the Premier League, not out.

      • Ginge1 says:

        Not the very best, they want Barca or Real

        • Habib says:

          Who wouldnt? The league is a bloody walkover in which the only tough games are against Barca or Real or the Champion’s League. The weekend games are a joke in terms of competitive quality. It’s Red Indians vs Cowboys every game.

        • Habib says:

          Clarky all modern contracts that are fix term give both parties options to terminate in such a way that it odes not impact future earnings.

        • Clarkspur says:

          Habib – again, not true mate. If I want to quit my job I need to buy myself out. If I quit and moved to a new company my previous employers can sue the new employer for compensation double what I would have earned in the period I had left.

          That’s all above board and within EU legislation. Trust me, I was in this very pickle by being offered a new role 12 months ago.

        • Clarkspur says:

          Habs – maybe you can represent me in court because today I just want to tell my lovely employers to fuck off and walk out the door?

      • Clarkspur says:

        Contracts need to be changed. They should make it law that you can’t buy a player unless they are in the final phase of their contract – that phase might be 24, 18 or 12 months depending on how long they signed up.

        It will stop the silly buggery of signing up for 6 years one week and wanting to be off the next.

        It will also ground some of the stupid prices we see for players.

        • Habib says:

          That would violate every labor law known to man. We’ve all changed jobs. You cannot begrudge a man moving on and no power in the world will make him perform for you on the pitch. You think you can insert a clause saying make x number of successful passes in final third? All you can do is stay competitive, have a great work culture and try to keep the best as long as you can. There is no panacea for people wanting out.

        • Clarkspur says:

          Habib – that’s just not true. I’m signed to a fixed contract in my role. Signing a contract and agreeing to a fixed term employment agreement is legal in every civilised country in the world – oh and the one I currently work.

          As for forcing performance, sure you are right, it cannot be made to happen. But if you know you just signed a deal to stay somewhere, like I did 6 months ago, then you get on with it because the reality is it’s easier to do well when you ‘stuck’ somewhere than sit about doing fuck all.

  • dingo says:

    agreed, the sooner the better, he already showed he had no interest in the last three months of the season from what I saw…

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