[Video] Covert Modric Tape Released

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Good morning.

So Shakattack Don’t Ask have turned down an initial bid for Willian. What a shock. With four days to go prices aren’t going to be reduced, are they?

On a positive note I’m hearing that the slow burn negotiations for Birmingham City’s Jack Butland have advanced.

Anyway, Modric is done and we’ve gone into partnershhip with Real Madrid. Does that make Spurs the John Lewis of football? I could live with that. Anyone know the Latin for ‘Never Knowingly Undersold’ ?

What does this actually mean? Who knows, but it’s all rather exciting. A Ronaldo loan would be a result. Buckle up baby, this window just got interesting…

“The partnership agreement will see the two Clubs working together in respect of players, coaching, best practices and commercial relationships.”

This was sent in by a HH GilSpur this morning. Possibly one of the most bizarre and pointless pieces of Spurs footage ever committed to film. I nearly dislocated something ensuring that you lot got to see it as fast as I possibly could.

Hotspurs Half Hour – Show 2 by hotspurshalfhour

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  • ran says:

    FIRST !!!

  • DesertSpur says:

    I like the sound of this partnership with Madrid – wonder if that will see a few RM fringe players heading our way on loan in the next few days…

    The press are saying we got less than 30m from RM, so this would see us recoup the reduction in fees as well as not being subject to the sell on clause to Dinamo – Levy you sly fox!

    • Quinny says:

      I think this is what’s more commonly known as being a feeder club – we sell our best players to them and we get to give their youngsters a run out. There’s only one winner here and it isn’t spurs

    • Habib says:

      It just means Real madrid will play exhibition matches and we will split revenue which is partially how they will pay for Modric. The partnership is a facade to conclude the Modric deal with diginity.

      • Habib says:

        I just checked Real Madrid’s site. There is no mention of the partnership with Spurs. Just goes to show how much of a f*** they give :P

        • LLL says:

          They do actually, but it is a bit of an, ‘oh yeah, and we’ve also entered into a partnership with Spurs’. Think it was probably a bit of arm-twisting on Levy’s part and good on him, wring every penny, work every possible angle.

        • Habib says:

          Haha LLL they JUST put up that one liner :P

  • sean morris says:

    Kaka on Loan

  • LLL says:

    I hope it’s as fruitful as our partnership with Internacional… :whistle:

    Well, actually, another 8m Sandro would be just fine, come to think of it.

  • Andy says:

    “Commercial relationship” = (in Levy speak) how about a couple of friendlies to make up the difference in transfer fees gov.

    Would be good to see a few Real Madrid v Spurs matches, with the mighty Sandro dominating the little turncoat for 90 minutes.

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