Was A New Spurs Striker In The Crowd At Watford?

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Good morning?

If you were to take every collective drop of inner calm, tolerance and inner peace from Spurs fans at the moment you’d be lucky to fill an egg cup.

Here’s a snippet to encourage many to pick up that piece of breakfast crockery and hurl it into the middle of next week.  Spurs supporter @slkofficial has told me that Louis Saha was with the Tottenham playing contingent in the crowd at the Watford game …sporting a Spurs tracksuit.

This has to indicate that his relationship is more than a friendly face that just happened to be in the area and popped along to watch the boys.

I maintain I’m excited enough by the thought of goals coming from Gilly, Bale, vDV, Gio and Coulibaly all being played in an intelligent system by an intelligent manager, but my guess is I’m probably in a minority…

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  • NYSpurs says:

    12 days to go before we kick off at SJP. Need one goalkeeper, one creative midfielder to replace Modric but more importantly one or preferably two strikers. No pressure then.

    • Sirled26 says:

      We dont need a keeper right here right now, Friedal has season in him! Definitely need 2 strikers! Huddlestone can pull the strings in the middle of a 3

      • Persie says:

        We do need a keeper we need strickers more but we need a keeper

      • Persie says:


      • Devonshirespur says:

        Friedel is great BUT if we are to play the high line it is imperative that the GK acts as a sweeper in the vast spaces behind the back 4.

        Brad never steps off his line.

        What frustrates me is that with all the selling we have been doing in 12 months (£50m to £60m raised) we must have £12m ready for the LLoris deal and having a new GK is key. We can’t just thrown a new one in at the last minute.

        We need to start to get things done else we’ll start the season under-manned and under-cooked like last season.

        • tim says:

          You are right mate, our keeper has to be very fast and mobile, to help us play the highline we do now, almost like a sweeper, so yes i agree , we do need another goalkeeper, but i think friedels been great.

      • The Tottinghams says:

        I don’t remember seeing him do that in a long time. Eating pies on the other hand……..

    • UnkleKev says:

      I’ve been banging on about Jack Butland as much as anyone recently, but it looks as though we might already have an up-and-coming keeper of our own in the ranks in the form of Jordan Archer.

    • tony says:

      levy expects his managers to turn water into wine… i think one more signing and thats all he will allow unless modric goes soon! as usuall another frustrating start to a season full of promise, such a shame……still coys

    • Habib says:

      Ade will come for sure. No worries there. Delay. Not worries. I’d be happy with a backup for the six to 8 games he’d be injured. Coulda kept Saha. Odd letting him go.

    • Enorme Nuez says:

      We also need another left-back, a proper one. Not a makeshift one. Or else we are left with a possibility of one Seb Bassong playing there.

      • UnkleKev says:

        No we don’t. We’ve just pinched that kid from Man Utd and Vertonghen can also cover if necessary.

    • Justin(SydenhamYid) says:

      We need a lotta things but ain’t ginna get em. Simple as. Levy’s intransigence wen dealing with transfers is not helping. To get wat u want u just gotta pay the money. Linked with Oscar. Did we bid? Who knows ! Chelsea made a reasonable offer and guess wat? He is now a Chelsea player. That boy just signed for Arsenholesuckers; we wer linked. Sign for 16 mil. Damaio will end the same. Highly rate though admittedly untested and a risk. If reports r to b believed we offered 11m. He’ll end up elsewhere. Y? Because levy wants to either save money. Same as luka. Wer gonna end up with 35m on last day of transfers and another Saha which would be better than nothin but not much better. Or we’re gonna end up with a pretty damn resentful Modric and no strikers. Luka will nit perform and we’ll end up begging someone to take him in Jan wen hes fucked up our season. Take 30 m for him, maybe a decent young player in exchange. Buy a quality striker and b effing done with it. If we get 40 mil for luka, Porto are gonna want it for their lad moutinho.

  • Hughdunit says:

    Ola H, Hugh here.

    I believe yiou might haven been on the happy pills when writing this or filled with some form of enthusiasm over our youngsters.

    Still think we need 1.5 world class onion bag merchants to mount any significant threat.

    Buenos Dias , Hugh

  • MOSTA says:

    I reckon get rid or modric even if his good then get llrois and damaio and a second striker and Alan dzergoev

  • joe says:

    sell modric this player do not want to play for us just the money SELL HIM.. get Ilrois and striker gylfi can play modric role and yonung caroll also..i would like to see damaio at the lane.

  • rudeboyyidd says:

    now your taking the piss……..

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