We Want To Buy, But The Blue Racists Only Want To Loan Him

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Good evening.

Daniel Sturridge.

I’m told negotiations have been ongoing for about a week and where we’re at is that as of this evening a loan could be done, but we would prefer to buy the Second Hand Fridge frontman.

How do I feel about this? Thank you for asking. I think he’s good stuff. the interesting dynamic here is as per André Villas-Boas, the Team GB boy has plenty to prove and where better to do it than in the Lilywhite.

Sturridge at virtually any other Premier League outfit would be a first choice, first team regular. But having £50m quids worth of chairman’s darling in front of you can hold even the most dedicated of chaps back.

I recall the old Jackie Mason line,  ‘at 20 Jewish women want a doctor or a lawyer! But by 35, they’ll marry a chair‘ and the fear of being linked with every piece of striking driftwood come the last half hour of the transfer window is the fear that urks all Spurs fans right now.

Time is running out but I think it would be a cheap shot to look at Sturridge as if he were a chair. He’s not perhaps in the same excitement bracket as some of the names we’ve been linked with for some, but I’d be very happy to ship him in. He knows the league, he knows Villas-Boas and he knows that he won’t get a better opportunity to really fly than this.

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  • Habib says:

    I’ve always rated him above that Man U mug who started at the Euros. Sturridge is class. Checks all the boxes. And I suspect AVB will get the most out of him. Moutinho and him and Ade thank you and let’s go and give this a shot!

  • MarseilleYid says:

    As long as he isn’t the only striker coming in….

    But agreed, potential is there and he should be hungry.

  • TMWNN says:

    Friedel; Walker, Gallas, Vertonghen, Assou-Ekotto; Jenas, Livermore; Lennon, Sigurdsson, Bale; Defoe.

    WTF is ***** doing in there?

    Sturridge, Adebayor and the Brazilian fella. Get shot of Defoe.

    • Smog says:

      It’s getting worrying now how often avb has picked the slag ore season. I hope it’s just until Sandro comes back

      • Cona says:

        Hes seeing if he is worth keeping as a squad player and the decision is made by the sound of QPR interest. Heres hoping.

    • MysteriousStranger says:

      Firedel looks like he doing an impression of “bad Gomes”.

      • MysteriousStranger says:


        • Lordofthewing says:

          If you want to get rid of a player you make the suitors think he is wanted even though you are willing to pay for his taxi.

          Playing unwanted trash in glorified training sessions is harmless. Shop windae init?

        • Cincyspursman says:

          No, Gomes wearing Friedel’s jersey. He looked that bad. I don’t think we can get a new keeper too soon. Whoever was in goal was old, tired, fat, uncertain and erratic.

          We need two first class strikers and and CM, but we need a young, agile, self confident GK also.

          AVB has his wro cut out for him.

    • ColinSC says:

      Defoe is one of the loyal ones and was sidelined by Arry most of last year he would have scored a lot more had he been given the minutes, dont be so down on Defoe.

    • Andrew says:

      Decent team, unfortunately still missing a few more pieces. AVB is likely to play a high-line system of mostly a 4-3-3 and in some instances a 4-2-3-1, in which case Gallas would likely struggle. Even though he reads the game well, this system is not suited for him so unfortunately, and I think he’s a great player, he has very little time left in the lillywhite. Yes, that is the lineup for the friendly, but I don’t believe Jenas is going to stick around either. what would be a really poor trade is if Spurs really considers trading away an under used, under appreciated star in 23year old Giovanni dos Santos to Internazional Milan for 32yr old GK Julio Cesar, who is a good GK but is declining in skills. This is why Inter went out of their way and paid £10m for a new GK. With our lack of depth in the Striker/CF position, our Spurs would do well to hold on to the talented Gio who can also light it up on the right wing. The way things are going, if Spurs sign more than one striker this transfer period, it would be a carnival like atmosphere in Tottenham.

    • gazzawhoelse says:

      The good thing is, that Jenas had a crap game and also got subbed pretty early. Hopefully AVB have seen enough to not waste our PL games with this guy. After watching the game last night, im pretty anxious if we cant sort out our modric / striker problem ASAP!

  • Frontwheel 2 says:

    He’ll do,but fine him if his goal celebrations get too flash.

  • abcd says:

    No thanks, too selfish, never looks for the pass, he’d kill our build up play. Would be “super” Pav all over again.

    • Mattspurs says:

      I always though we played out best football with Pav (when crouch and Defoe were our other options)

      • Andrew says:

        Yes, Pav was good, but he wasn’t great in Arry’s system and tactics. As we saw him in Euro2012, you see how dynamic and highly motivated he looks with the Russian national team who plays a fast pace, hard running, quick passing game. Though he has some skill to beat one or two defenders, his best potential is seen when a quick one two is played and he can control and blast a lazer with the right boot. sorry we’re losing him. He’s by far not the best striker out there, but used properly, he could have been a thorn in the side of every Premier League team. Now we need a goal poacher who is good in the air and a quick strong brute of a CF to wear down defenders.

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