Date:9th August 2012 at 7:23pm
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Good evening.

Daniel Sturridge.

I’m told negotiations have been ongoing for about a week and where we’re at is that as of this evening a loan could be done, but we would prefer to buy the Second Hand Fridge frontman.

How do I feel about this? Thank you for asking. I think he’s good stuff. the interesting dynamic here is as per André Villas-Boas, the Team GB boy has plenty to prove and where better to do it than in the Lilywhite.

Sturridge at virtually any other Premier League outfit would be a first choice, first team regular. But having £50m quids worth of chairman’s darling in front of you can hold even the most dedicated of chaps back.

I recall the old Jackie Mason line,  ‘at 20 Jewish women want a doctor or a lawyer! But by 35, they’ll marry a chair‘ and the fear of being linked with every piece of striking driftwood come the last half hour of the transfer window is the fear that urks all Spurs fans right now.

Time is running out but I think it would be a cheap shot to look at Sturridge as if he were a chair. He’s not perhaps in the same excitement bracket as some of the names we’ve been linked with for some, but I’d be very happy to ship him in. He knows the league, he knows Villas-Boas and he knows that he won’t get a better opportunity to really fly than this.