Date: 24th August 2012 at 9:46am
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Good morning.

Well the Rafa to HSV story was as you read here and seemingly only here rubbish. More proof that the hysteria employed during transfer windows only rivals the lack of thought.

So West Brom indoors it is. If you cast your eye down the Baggies squad you see a who’s who of journeymen and nearly men. Their ability to do more than survive is explained¬† when you know their last manager was Roy and their current on Steve Clarke. Two very traditional English football managers and Clarke is clearly planning on upholding the principles of discipline and team work.¬†

I believe we’re a superior match tactically and our lot can leave them reelling. There’s gulf in talent.

West Brom beat 3-0 last week but without playing down the value of that I am convinced that had as much to do with Liverpool’s performance as it did West Brom’s. I have to add this isn’t me reading too much into the unwatchable game against Hearts last night, either – that side only three regular first team picks for the Scousers. Rodgers is clearly having ‘issues’ trying to convey his ‘system’ to his players.

Talk is cheap but I was buoyed by Villas Boas’ delivery in his presser yesterday. This is a home game and despite the final score at Sid James Park we played some good football. My point is that our boss (on the strength of just one game) appears to have had fewer communication problems.

I think that a pushing, fast paced 433 with a little forward of the top three essentially suits our personnel. And we shouldn’t, at home be afraid of implementing this with attacking players.

You could argue that with Bale, Gylfi, Ade and Rafa I’ve over egged the pudding fielding four goalscorers. But my argument is why play Jake or ***** or Bentley when they have so little to offer? Is it just so you can say ‘it looks more balanced?’ Mmnn. Why?

The real issue here is the absence of a midfield general cum play-maker. That certain someone to add the colour. The only intelligent thing to do is add as much creativity as you can elsewhere, surely? Neither Livermore, ***** or Bentley are going to provide that spark. They are at best three man who might put in a full shift.

We’re at home and we’re not a shower of Cheatski bus parkers. So let’s play to our strengths.We have an interesting system under Villas Boas, we won’t be reckless, we’ll be aggressive. We’ll welcome them into The Lane and we’ll tear ’em apart.

Predictions? My conservative thought is 2-1. But if we get into the groove I can see us scoring three or four.


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