What On Earth Was Being Said Here?

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Good evening.

This transfer window has been torturous. My best guess is that it the need for copious amounts of booze and good humour will only increase as we move ever onwards towards Saturday’s game against the Bar Codes like flies towards that purple light thing in the chip shop before we hear that last fizzipsch!

Here’s some rubbish to capture the mood, buy it a dandelion and burdock and perhaps provide an outlet fort the insanity. Apologies to The Usual Suspects.

  • Funniest caption suggestion wins the major prize.
  • HH’s decision is final. No cash alternatives.
  • Your home may be at risk if you go out and leave all the doors and windows open.
  • Lines close at midnight tonight although if I can connive some way of charging you afterwards, rest assured I will.

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