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Good morning.

There is a depressing quantity of uninformed rubbish out there.

‘You only just noticed?’ comes the cry. But for the love of Mary Poppins what is the point of ‘writing’ about something you essentially don’t understand? I maintain that football isn’t a complicated game yet some of the stuff out there is surely being published as a wind up or part of a post stroke rehabilitation scheme.

The utterly miserable Triffic Tottenham warn of the looming specter of ‘a major campaign to reinstate Harry Redknapp.’ The piece continues, ‘you can guarantee that any top Premier League team to lose their manager will be straight after Harry.’

As was evident when Swansea, Norwich, Liverpool, Aston Villa, West Brom, Chelsea and even Birmingham all recently opted to swerved his invaluable services. Not to mention the FA! Nobody in their right mind wants anything to do with him.

The but we finished fourth mantra is another myth that urgently wants busting. Courtesy of @EwanRoberts:

If you take the second half of our season – the second set of 19 games – we won just seven matches. A win percentage of just 36%…and three of those wins (none of which were convincing) came in our final four games.

If you then deduct from this magnificent inheritance, this legacy of a genius; the services of Modric, Ledley King and van Der Vaart any attempt to dress up the train wreck Arry left behind him is on a par with something spouted by that Iraqi loon, Chemical Ali.

So backing Villas-Boas isn’t some happy clapper love in. It’s called support based upon intelligence. The boss has plenty to do and it might, just might aid the cause if when those attending games didn’t have their minds polluted by misinformation constructed by dull children.

But finding football ‘a bit too complicated’ isn’t the exclusive preserve of brainless bloggers. You can be in the game for decades and still be unable to find your bottom with both hands and a map. This Hugo Loris business has seemingly got out of hand before a ball has been kicked thanks to a bizarre comment from the old woman that is Didier Deschamps

“Hugo has not appreciated the statements of his coach.I am not going to create a problem that I do not need today. But if it were to happen then it would need some consideration. I do not want Hugo to find himself in this situation.”

And in other news it might rain and you might not have an umbrella.

The painfully obvious issue here being either deliberately ignored by the press or not grasped by them as they are too thick is that of Villa-Boas’ impeccable manners and sensibility.

Unlike our previous incumbent, the new boss is able to be in the same postcode as a microphone without morphing into a free wheeling guest from This Is Your Life with an Attention Deficit disorder. He thinks before he speaks.

Like the business with Dawson. It looked even money he was off. But until the deal was done he spoke about Michael and his immense human dimensions (easy, ladies) respectfully.

And not:

“…yur well ‘es an ‘oof merchant so we ‘oping that Stoke or some other pub team come in for ‘im, top top ‘oofer, for sure.”

So with Bradley he’s not going to announce him being elbowed out by a younger man to the press. Any coach worth his salt needs to keep his charges motivated and feeling valued, even if their days might well be just a little bit numbered.

Three games in. Three.

Hotspurs Half Hour – Show 4 Live From Lahore by hotspurshalfhour

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  • Habib says:

    ROFL @ post title! Hilarious!

    Agree with all points HH. Wonder why the press is so much more obsessed with us. No I genuinely wonder. What do you think it is?

    • LLL says:

      They really aren’t. It’s early days in the season and we are the easiest target at the moment, the only show in town, that’s all. Brendan Rodgers isn’t getting it quite as badly – yet – because he still gets to ride the plaudits from his Swansea job. Whereas AVB appears to have continued his own dire form from the Chelsea disaster, which was a really great story for them. A win or two (assuming that happens) will see the press off, scuttling and mumbling until they turn their attention to the next ‘crisis club’.

      Most football fans think their club is harshly treated by the press. That’s because most of them are, from time to time.

      • Habib says:

        You sure there isnt a little bit of anti “foreign manager replacing popular local manager” stuff going on? I mean even the BBC trumpeted “Worse start in four years!” Lol! I mean really? Four years? What’s next…. Worst start in two years?!

        • LLL says:

          Yes and no. I mean, sacking a manager who achieved your best ever finishes in the PL was never going to be an easy sell for Levy, regardless of who it was.
          The when he went and hired the national laughing stock AVB in, the media were probably pissing themselves with delight. They couldn’t believe their luck.

          Point being, we are a good story at the moment in a quiet, early point of the season. If we get a couple of wins, that will all go away. If we get a couple of losses that will all get a hell of a lot worse!

        • `rich g says:

          no doubt youre hoping for the latter then

        • LLL says:

          Of course I am, after all these years of pain I have developed an appetite for it. Come on AVB, do your worst. Make me suffer. I love it. :winke:

  • Spurls says:

    Could not agree more mate. These idiots who keep banging on about redknapp know literally nothing about football or life. Sure, he got us 4th/5th/4th, and I acknowledge that he sorted us out for a period. However, he also lost us third. His form in the last part of the season was awful (and I don’t buy the England rubbish, his form was almost identical the year before – it’s to do with squad rotation morons, not England), tax evasions, constant rent-a-quoting, leaving every club he’s been at in a worse position, Saha, Nelson, publicly demanding a contract immediately after Levy’s bereavement, awful tactical ability, man management? (Haha! obviously the players who are in the team are happy, man management is about the players are not in team, and they all loved him didn’t they?), the list goes on and on, but all I’ll say for now, as you have also said. THREE GAMES!!!!!

    • jerkinmahjurgen says:

      He had to go in the end, yes, but this isn’t about that anymore. It’s about what happened after. We had a squad that challenged well for 2 or 3 yrs, we’re mostly on the up and just as importantly, were a close nit bunch. We had big changes with King, Luka, as it was. I think we needed someone to take on what we had. If shit Harry can get them challenging, surely a very good manager could get them up a level? AVB is all too much, too fast again. And you talk about time? We haven’t got it, have we? It seems to me a bizarre mistake by the usually well-performing Levy. I hope I’m wrong. Sincerely. This ain’t even Ramos, who came in, took his squad on, won a cup, before his personality agitated the players. AVB is up his own and that’s difficult to deal with. And he’s no Mourinho.

  • Boy Charioteer says:

    If the most powerful man in the world can’t figure out which end is which of a telephone we really are all in trouble.

  • Wowsers says:

    I have no huge problems with AVB as yet merely an observation.

    Because Harry was “honest” and “open” the players seem to want to play for him and want to have him as a manager despite his obvious Teflon coating

    AVB is obviously not Teflon coated and is also visibly calculating with his response. I wonder if this shrewdness undermines his ability to bond/connect/inspire player?

    It feels like an absurdity to say AVB’s answers are too perfect, but maybe a friction is caused by his answer to difficult questions being both sincere and fair but without the reassurances the “Harry” players want.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I would argue that Arry wasn’t an effective man manager. Another myth.

      Sure if you were a Fwankie Lampard or a Scotty Parker then it’s all smiles and ‘fancy a swift half, later mate?’

      But Arry proved again and again he wasn’t an inclusive manager. His people skills were archaic.

      You can imagine Bentley turned up late for training and could never fight his way back into Arry’s good books again.

      AVB appears by contrast to be very measured, controlled. I think I know why this is. He’s thinking before he speaks ;-)

      • Wowsers says:

        I completely agree with you- harry was terrible at squad management (and in the round was hugely detrimental to the team as a whiole) but the players he liked (at any moment in time)loved playing for him. I cant pinpoint what is causing it but there looks to be friction already between the players and the manager.

        Lloris, Thud, Defoe have all hinted at it; perhaps it will all be sorted with one good performance and a win but this is not the usual honeymoon period with players bleeting about how good the new manager is and how they look forward to playing for him.

        Very few positive soundbites are emerging at the moment which concerns me; we all work better for bosses we like.

        Is this an AVB thing? Is this a post Harry hangover after two years of the players doing whatever they wanted in training and now AVB is cracking the whip?

        • Spurlative says:

          I think thats it. AVB is more serious about things.
          Arry knew that foootballers were a bit dull so didnt complicate their lives to much..

        • Matt says:

          What are you talking about? Defoe hasn’t said anything negative. He was commenting on the selling of player and not knowing who may go, that I am sure is quite a standard thing in football. Beyond that, it is also Levy’s doing, not AVB’s.

          If it’s so bad working under AVB, why would Defoe, Lennon and Bale all have signed new contracts?

        • Matt says:

          It hasn’t done Wenger too bad for being serious, intelligent and professional – as much as I hate him.

        • Thepin says:


          Lloris – Deschamp read wants his number one to play regularly, so answers a question with a hypothetical – if he doesn’t play regularly, it may be a problem for France

          Defoe – The Tottenham Hotsur board and senior management do not consult DEfoe on potential transfers, in or out, except his own.

          Thudd – Vulnerable player in the comfort zone of a top four premier league side, who hadn’t swung a leg all of last season but continues to get paid handsomely for sitting on his fat arse gets his cage rattled by the new regime, and oesn’t like it.

          Yep, nothing to see here, please move on ladies and gentlemens.

        • Spurlative says:

          Hasnt done Wenger too bad no, but ALL The players there have been HIS signings. So they play for him.

        • A lack of ‘soundbites’ might have something to do with the fact that the players have been told in no uncertain terms to keep mouths firmly shut around the press. I like it.

        • jerkinmahjurgen says:

          So how many players have been made available, sold, or told they’re not needed since AVB came in? A couple of weeks of training and they’d been told. Not needed. That’s not ‘including’. There were Chelsea players training with the kids and not allowed to use the car-park. Different styles, but you wouldn’t want to fall foul of either ‘Arry or Andre. We’re almost splitting hairs here. The AVB car park guide vs ‘Arry’s ‘My wife’ series. They’re both tossers, but it’s not about Redknapp anymore anyway, it’s about results. Time will tell. We can do nowt but support and hope.

      • Winston wolf says:

        Great points HH as soon as we get rolling the Avb haters/Harry fans will quietten down but probably only a bit. The press/media have been reserved sofar but their just sharpening their knives waiting in the shadows. I’ve noted no support for Avb sofar their all scared to stick their necks out of their little boys club. Time & patience is all that’s needed 6th hopefully better but knowing the club is in good hands with sensible spending,excellent buys this summer with the clear out of un needed or un wanted players many Harry scared,New training up & running I believe things look good & if the idiots can’t see that then I pity them,if our form rises as it should they won’t go away there’s no cure for idiots & Avb will never be a press darling even more so after their favourite was dethrowned who I’d like to add still had his contract paid out & still likes to stir with his gang of krownies.either way I’d just ignore the bedwetters if you can ofcourse. Really looking forward to seeing Dempsey,dembele,adr & Siggy get going.sad to see VDV go but the reasons are understood a wonderful player who left as he arrived in a puff of smoke,Sandro now taking his place as my fav

        Drive safe COYS

      • Darren says:

        Harry Redknapps blue & white army

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